Monday, June 24, 2013

The Mid Century Housewife Strikes...Tomorrow...oh boy...



Or at least it will be tomorrow!

The first day of my Mid Century Housewife Project.

So,  what did I spend all of today doing? Pre-cleaning. I just couldn't go into this 2 week long experiment with a already messy apartment. I don't really call it "cheating", just getting a head start. I couldn't see myself starting everything from square one tomorrow. I wouldn't be able to make it through the week if that was the case.

Later on tonight I'll finish up the weeks' meal plan. I'm due to go to the supermarket mid morning tomorrow morning. Honey is off tomorrow and typically sleeps until 10am (she's kind of a late sleeper) so I'll go to the market before she wakes.

I have everything ready to go. I bought a couple of new 50s housedresses so that I don't accidentally make a mess of my wearable vintage. I'm still collecting dresses and's been a longer process than I thought it would be when I initally decided to go TOTALLY vintage. But more on that in a future post.

So, that's that. Everything is organized and ready to go. I'll be sharing everything as I go along. So you'll get a post everyday for the next two weeks. Good or bad. Pass or fail, I'll let you know how everything is going! So tune in. It should be quite entertaining getting Honey to eat all the mid century concotions I have planned (actually she says she draws the line at gelatin and any sort of meat in the same dish. I can't really blame her. Apparently I can make it as long as there is another meal, a real meal, to go along with it. A good idea actually). A friend suggested that I make a button to help people follow the series. That's a fab idea. I just haven't had the time to make one. But I'll get it done ASAP.

Ok... so now the disclaimer...

No, this is probably not going to resemble the day in the life of a REAL typical 50s housewife. If you read THIS post from Jen But Never Jenn, she got a lot of flack for her experiment. People took it WAAAYYYYY too seriously, when she only did it for fun! As am I. Yes, I know that my marriage is far from the typical 50s marriage (ummm...self explanatory...I hope hehe). No, I am not trying to make this my way of life FOREVER (I think I would kill Honey, or hurt her really badly from resentment if I did that). I'm really just trying to see if any of the vintage way of homekeeping can keep me on a schedule and lead me to a little corner of homemaking bliss. That is all... so PLEASE don't read too much into this, which I know none of you lovely ladies will. Just had to put that out there!

So here goes nothing. I'm diving in the deep end and we'll see if I can swim. Or a least doggy paddle...

See you all tomorrow (I think I'll be posting mainly at night since my day seems to be full. Honey has decided to document the whole thing via photos so I'll have lots of pics both on the blog and Instagram)

Think of me while you are washing your dishes or putting away your clean laundry!


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  1. I have been thinking of doing something like this too. Since moving, I haven't been able to find work, and since I'm doing the whole "housewife" thing anyway, it seems fun. Trouble is, my husband is a truck diver and gone all the time...... So mine would be atypical too. Eh, there were people like us then too, so who cares ;)

    Sent you an Instagram request, I'm looking forward to your adventure!

    1. True! There were definitely people out of the so-called norm out there! YAY! I'm going to Instagram right now!

  2. Good luck on your fun adventure. I hope your food tastes yummy:) You must have a pineapple upside down cake somewhere in there?

    1. Thanks! I didn't even plan that I think I will! Thanks lol!

  3. What fun! Can't wait to see what all you come up with. Heading over to instagram to add you so I can keep up with everything. =)

  4. can't wait to see how you go!

  5. Good luck! I have tried some vintage recipe's and so far haven't come across a bad one yet! This is so fun! Hard to believe anyone would yell about it being truly 1950's authentic! Looking forward to your upcoming posts.

  6. I'm excited to see how this works out! Good luck! :)

  7. This is so, so exciting! It almost boggles the mind that anyone would give Jen flack when she tried her own version. There's nothing in the universe wrong with being (or taking on the role of) a homemaker, in any era, whether for a day, a couple weeks, or the rest of your life (and if anyone gives you any flack, you just send them my way, I've got your back, dear gal!).

    ♥ Jessica

  8. I think its great that you are at least going to try just to see for yourself whether or not the lifestyle can help YOU in certain areas of your schedule, fab idea and that is what's most important! How it helps you, not someone who just wants to judge you because you aren't rollin' like some modern day women do. It's interesting how we, as vintage purist, get a lot of wonderful comments on the clothes but also a lot of flack for the LIFESTYLE aspect which seems crazy to me how people can't understand someone who likes to embrace the entire package. They only accept certain aspects of it that only they are comfortable with. Things were a lot simpler and more efficient back then, in some aspects, simply because of the way society operated itself.

    I'm hoping this experiment will help you find ways to find that happy median with everything you are looking for! Can't wait for the games to begin!

    1. Aww...Thanks so much! I love having people who understand me. I sometimes feel like people think I'm weird because I take pride in taking care of others. I'm not trying to actually live EVERY day like it's the 40s or 50s but some things about the time were great, other things weren't. But I take and embrace the good of it!

    2. EXACTLY! And even if you decide you do want to live everyday like it was mid century you can do so mostly in your home life and still tailor it for your lifestyle and tastes and still feel like your "living vintage".

      It is difficult in this modern world to do everything exactly as they did back then and like you said some of it wasn't exactly the greatest of mindsets but after reading your Day 1 post, it seems like you are already off to a great start just doing what you can with what you've got! I think people forget just how important a housewife's role is/was then with all there is to be done, especially if you have kids.

      I am totally jazzed to see how the rest of this week goes for you. Kudos darling!


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