Saturday, August 2, 2014

Don't Worry!!! I'm still alive and vintage-ing... Well kinda...

Oh my goodness!!!

I know, I know... It's been a while!!! A loonggg while!!!

Well. I took a bit of an unexpected hiatus from the blog. Life got super busy with the dance studios... And truth be told I wasn't really feeling it anymore...

My interests (in true MidCentury Pink form) have been all over the place! Which I guess is a good thing because it keeps life interesting... But then again... Its bad for my blog cuz I was losing focus on what to write about!!! Sigh...

But I'm a little more focused now and kinda know where my interests are heading.

So I'm thinking of coming back... With the newish concept I had of a midcentury modern approach because that's my life these days!!! It's not as filled with purely vintage things as before. I still dress a vintagey but with a modern twist, but I also switch it up. I have also made some really good  brand new best friends and have really been into other online ventures which I'll tell you about later!!!

So... Please bare with me and stick around while I figure out how to reconcile my new style with this blog! I'm starting to miss it and hope to be back soon!!!

Also... Shout out to all of you who have been still reading the blog and leaving comments!!!! I was super shocked and flattered by the blog traffic I didn't even know I was having!!! It was good to come back and see so many people are still reading and enjoying the blog in my absence!!!

I hope to see you guys soon!!!!


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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MidCentury Pink Does FACEBOOK (and Twitter...and Instagram)

So it's official...

I'm addicted to social media.

It started off slowly. So slowly that I didn't even notice it. It crept into my life by luring me with old friends from highschool. Then dance friends I had lost touch with. Then...oh then...I started my vintage journey and met all of these amazing people that I feel like I have known forever---all through that damned FACEBOOK! Before I realized it I was hooked...then came twitter...then came Instagram!! UGH!! I never had a chance! Not to mention, I now run fanpages  for some of my favorite 90s music artists (that's another story for another day)!!!! I'm on some sort of social media for a big chunk of my day when I'm not teaching dance. If I could make my living from social media, I totally would...Hmmmm something to think about! Luckily, I've been able to find balance with it all. Which helps keeping Honey from going crazy! But yep...being on the computer has become somewhat of a part time (non-paying) job. Not sure if that's good or bad. Midcentury Pink has its own Facebook "Like" page, it's own Instagram AND a Twitter account!!

I'm such a social girl now!!!!

If you haven't already done so, please go click the like button on the blog's fan page!! It would completely make my lil ol' day!! And please follow the new Twitter and Instagram accounts to keep up with the blog.

On an unrelated subject...I hope you all are keeping warm! We have some ridiculously cold weather in the states this week. GEEZ! I love the cold but this has even me dreaming of Spring!! I had a plan to go out with Honey tomorrow and get an outfit post done at the same time but...I'm afraid...Its soooooooooooo cold!!!!!! So, we'll see how that pans out. If you see a post from me tomorrow night you will have proof that I triumphed. If not, then I let the weather get the best of me and stayed in my p.j.'s all the day long...

So what are you waiting for??? Go to my accounts (links in pink on the right side of the page) and make those follow buttons light up! Go!!!

Stay warm, lovies!!!


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Thursday, January 2, 2014


YAY!! I'm back!

Geez, it feels like forever! have you guys been in the last month?

I've been FANTASTIC!!!!

The holiday season was a great one for Honey and I. It was a little bit weird because this holiday season felt MUCH different than years past. This year I wasn't as obsessed with the perfect decor and the perfect cookies and activities. I let the season flow naturally and it ended up being tons of fun.

I also didn't obsess over taking a million pics because I knew that I wouldn't be blogging regularly. So you all just have to take my word for it! I did, however, see the FAB pics other bloggers posted on Instagram! It seems like everyone had a blast!

So now that I'm back there are a few changes that you will notice on the blog. The biggest being the theme of the blog. I'm, of course, still going to keep it vintage. I'm ALWAYS keeping it vintage!! It's a part of me. But  having this break has made me realize who I want to be in the blog world (even if my blog world is super small). There are SO many blogs out about girls living a vintage lifestyle. I love ALL of them and follow too many to count. But I want to make sure that my blog is mine and not a copy of all the fabulous "vintage girl" blogs out there. The break made me realize that even though I'm a total mid-century girl, I am also girl of many other interests and I want the blog to reflect that more. I  want to be fully myself, so there will be a lot of modern influences. Especially in my outfit posts. I want to figure out a way to successfully marry my love of 40's and 50's clothes with my love of fashion...PERIOD. That means mixing time periods and experimenting with periods I haven't worn much before... like the 60s and even 70s!!!That may also mean pairing a pair of funky boots with a circle skirt! I also want to have some (related) pop culture posts, similar to my post about my style crush on Zooey Deschanel.

OH! I almost forgot!! When I had this revelation I decided to change my hair to reflect all of this. The result. Mid-Century Pink has gone RED (see my blog header) !! I LOVE my new red hair! It keeps me a little on the edgy side but I can still do vintage styles with it. I've been experimenting with different pin curl sets and I LOVE the way they look on the colored hair. I plan on changing the color in my hair every couple of months to keep it fresh! I'm too excited about this hair color thing! Hey, Hey, Hey!!!!

With all of this is a new Twitter profile! Please follow me at my NEW twitter account MidcenturyPink. The old one I'm keeping for my family and friends. If you follow it and want to keep following it, that's cool too. Just don't forget to follow the new one. If you click the link at the right it will take you to the new account.

I'm in the process of setting up a Facebook page and a new Instagram account! Finally!!! I'll let ya'll know when they are up and running!!!

Next week I'm going to have my first outfit post of the year. Honey bought my this AHHH_MAZING 60's style dress for Christmas! UGH! Its soooo cute! I can't wait to show it to you guys. I could have done the photos today if we weren't about to have some kind of ridiculous snowstorm here in the NYC area!!!

Ooohhhh!!! I'm so excited for this new chapter of my blog. Yesterday was my 1 year blogging anniversary! Perfect time to change it up a little. I hope you guys like the new feel of it as it unfolds! (Insert happy dance)

I hope you all had the absolute best holiday and that 2014 brings you the best year of your life!!!!


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