Sunday, November 24, 2013

Handmade Christmas Decorations and a (very small) Blogging Break!

Hi Dolls!!!

I know that I've been slacking a bit in the blogging department and I apologize. It's just that my life has been filled with so many other things rather than vintage so I've been a little distracted.

First off I wanted to let you guys know that I am taking a little blog break. Just for the holidays. I'm so preoccupied with holiday prep that I can hardly think of anything else. This time of year really takes up a lot of my time between decorating, baking and trying to get holiday-y events with Honey in. Not to mention I am back dancing more (actual dancing, not just teaching) and need to focus of getting myself back into shape. Which is no small feet for a gal who loves to bake.

I'm going to take this next month and make it all about Honey and me. I love to make the holidays a special time for us.

That being said, I will probably do a few Christmas posts from time to time during the next month. Maybe one to show you our tree and decorations, which I still fully intend to be a nod at a 1940s Christmas tree. New ornaments are coming in as every few days. (Sidenote: All you US gals. Target has SUPER cute retro looking ornaments this year. They resemble Shiny Brites! RUN and get them before they are all sold out!)

During my Christmas break I'll be working on the "new" blog. Which won't really be new.. just a new look and a new flow to my wardrobe. If we are Facebook pals or if you follow me on Instagram you already know that I have changed my hair color!!!! I LOVE it! It's not at all vintage but I'm still going to do vintage styling on it. Pincurls and all. I can't wait to unveil it officially on the blog on January 1st!!!

Also be on the lookout for a new Twitter and Facbook profile!!! Overhauling EVERYTHING!

Now, on to the next part of this post!

Handmade Christmas decorations from 1945!!! I had a few people ask for suggestions for homemade decorations and ran across this in my 1945 December issue of Woman's Day! These are especially great for those of you who are mommies!

Now, I admittedly STINK at anything craftsy if it doesn't involve cakes or cookies or frosting, but I'm going to try some of these. Let me know if you try any of them out!


Also, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of my fellow American gals!! Make this the happiest holiday ever and truly count your blessings. If you are reading this now and are able to splurge on vintage clothing and things you love, you already have something to be thankful for. You already have more than MANY people in our country and world. Remember that on Thursday.

Happy Holidays Dolls!!!!! I'll see you in a month (and sporadically throughout)


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Sunday, November 10, 2013

1940s Shiny Brite Christmas Ornament Preview plus a Few Blog Changes A- Comin'

Hi Dolls, 

So today's post will be short and sweet. I just wanted to let you guys in on a few things that are going on.

Well, first things first. 

Let's talk about my super cute 1940s Shiny Brite ornaments that I scored through Ebay a couple of weeks ago! 

Sooo cute! I have a few more boxes on the way as we speak!! YAY!

They desperately need to be cleaned before the holidays. They can't be cleaned with water because of the paint on them so I have to do a little research about how to get them cleaned safely. If anyone out there knows how to clean these without damaging them let me know!!!

I'm thinking of putting the apartment decorations up on the day before Thanksgiving. The tree will have to wait since we always get a fresh one but I want to have all of the ornaments cleaned and organized by Thanksgiving. This saves me from having a panic attack and making a mess a week later when the tree goes up!

Today Honey and I begin the process of setting up our Thanksgiving menu. 

This usually takes about a week of our time. With Honey being an indecisive Libra and me being the perfectionist that I am, it's usually hard to nail things down. This year my mother may come to visit for the holiday, so that adds an element of "OH MY GOD! THIS HAS TO BE JUST RIGHT!!". My mom hasn't visited NYC since 2007. I want to make it a memorable holiday for her! 

Now on to blog business.

You may or may not have noticed that since the summer ended I have been blogging a little less. At one point I was doing about 3 to 4 posts a week. Now I'm down to 1. 

Well, I  couldn't put my finger on why I haven't really felt inspired to post more...Then it hit me!!! When Daffny over at A Vintage Nerd announced she was reinventing her blog to make it more her, I was like DING!!! That's it!!!

I love my blog and everyone who follows and those I follow back. But I'm an ever changing person. I think it's the Leo in me. While I still ADORE vintage clothing (you will NEVER find me wearing anything other than something vintage or vintage looking) and EVERYTHING relating to the past, my everyday life is thoroughly modern! 

Through this blogging and vintage style journey I have become painfully aware that it is almost totally impractical for me to wear pure vintage on a daily basis. No matter how much I wish I could. The job of ballet teacher followed by my long commute, late hours and the NYC bitter cold have made me face this reality. Although I must admit that I can't leave my house until I am satisfied that I at least look a little pin up-y.

So, I've decided that most future (starting in January) posts will be about that. How to marry my love for vintage with my modern lifestyle! This way I am more myself.

It may seem like a small change but it's a big one for me. Kind of like an AHA moment.

Most of the blog will stay as it is. I love doing the historical posts so those will stay. I think the Housewife posts will be mostly recipes, and with the holidays coming I'm sure I'll have many more to post in the next few weeks. I guess this is more about a personal style evolution than anything.

With all of this said,  I still plan on having many key outfits that are pure vintage. I mean a girl needs something to wear to next year's Viva Las Vegas, right?

 I also hope to have a new look for the blog to go along with it. Something a little cleaner and catchier. My sister does a little web designing for a living. If I can pull her away from her busy schedule between work and 3 kids still living at home I hope to have her help me with this.

There will also be a new Twitter account and a Facebook page separate from my private one! I feel like the end of the year is the season of change. And with my 1 year blogging anniversary coming up on Januray 1st, that will be the perfect time to make the changes. I just thought I would give you a heads up ahead of time! Until then, you KNOW that I have to keep posting my Christmas prep posts! YAY! This is such an exciting time of the year!!

If you have a blog, how long did it take you to be totally yourself on your blog? Did you ever change your blogging style or is it the same today as when you started???


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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Vivien Leigh!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!

Did anyone else realize that today would have been the beautiful Vivien Leigh's 100th birthday!!

How much do you love her?! and this baby photo!!! Don't we all wish our baby pics were this sweet and adorable?

She was so extremely beautiful and talented. I'm sure we all have a movie that we liked her the most in. For me I'm torn between her two "Southern Belle" characters Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With the Wind (which is also my favorite movie and book of all time) and Blanche Dubois from A Streetcar Named Desire. I guess these are going to be most people's favorites though, huh?

My two favorite things about this scene was (of course) the dress that Rhett made her wear and...THAT EYEBROW!!!!!! That is the BEST brow raise I've ever seen on film!!

I always loved the fact that she was British and could play a rich girl from the south like none other.

(with husband, Laurence Olivier)

I've known about Vivien Leigh for as long as I can remember and always sympathized immensely with her struggle with bipolar disorder. It is said that she would go days at a time in an almost "mad" state,  being rude, petulant and sometimes violent and hysterical. Then as quickly as she became that way she would be back to her normal self. A school mate of hers once said that she had extreme highs and lows, almost to the point of dual personalities.  It seems to be that the most talented people in the world are the most tortured.

Even with all of this, it is said that when she was having a good run of days that she was a beautiful, kind hearted person who hated flying but LOVED dancing and smoking!!!

There is this biography that I really want and am hoping to get for Christmas!!! It looks fascinating!

So... Here's to you Vivien Leigh on your 100th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

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