Saturday, June 22, 2013

Good Housekeeping June 1956

Happy Summer Everyone!!!

How was your first day of summer?

Well, Honey and I spent the day cooking and relaxing. We thought there would be no better way to start off the summer than to grill (well, indoor grill. We do live in NYC. Outdoor space is minimal) burgers, drink some raspberry hard cider and eat the lemon ice box pie that I made!!!

Here is some some Instagram pics of the meal

I have to admit that I ate most of the pie. I think Honey only had one piece...Ooops...

 YUMMMMM!!! It was a great day! After all of that we watched "You've Got Mail".  LOVE that movie!!!! Everytime I see it I get the urge to see "The Shop Around the Corner" of which "You've Got Mail" is loosely  based.

Then today my June 1956 issue of Good Housekeeping arrived!!

I though I would give you guys a peek.

It's filled with GREAT photos and articles and advertisements!

How cute is this shoe ad!?!?

These mixers haven't changed much. I had one almost identical a few years back. It was my first ever stand mixer.

It's great to know that Kitchen Aid was around in the 50s...that means I can use my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer next week!! Whew!!

A recipe for Monterey Souffle Salad made with Star-Kist tuna (really just a weird gelatin tuna thing)

Ooohh!! There was a neat article about making your hallway pretty. Love the pics of 50s furnishing

A super cute wave lotion ad. I wonder if it really made the hair that much easier to wave?

There were a lot of hair and beauty advice columns. (I tried to make it larger so that you can read a bit if you'd like). This one is about how to save your hair from the steamy summer weather. Including getting a permanent. Do people still get those? I remember they were still around in the 80s. I had many a friend with frizzy permed hair.  This young lady's hair looks super elegant and smooth. 

The magazine is also filled with short stories. I have yet to read them all but the interests vary. There are romance, suspense stories and some non fiction .

And of course, there is tons of fabulous 50s fashions!

And swimsuits!!!!!!!!!

I'm completely in love with this little red suit!!

This is all just a tiny bit of what is in the magazine! I can't wait to start collecting more. The only problem will be where to store them. I already have one closet full of modern cookbooks and cooking magazines. I'm afraid I may need another to store the vintage ladies magazines and cookbooks I plan on getting. Oh well, I'll worry about that later!!!

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  1. We just fired up the BBQ a minute ago for dinner out here on the west coast! I could definitely eat that entire lemon ice box pie. It looks delish!

  2. I'll take a slice of pie and every shoe in the magazine, please!

  3. Beautiful dinner and the magazine is awesome! I loved it! Arent they just incredible to rd? I have a vintage mag obsession! LOL xox

  4. love the swimsuits. they're awesome!!!

  5. Thanks for the peek into your magazine. Not at all sure about the tuna gelatine thing!

  6. Though it didn't really look the part weatherwise (for some reason, our area has been prone to oodles of rain in the second half of June for the past few years - I don't recall it being like that when I was growing up here, so maybe global warming's hand is at work there to some degree), we had a great first day of summer and an even better first weekend (which included our town's annual classic car show).

    Love these fab 50s magazine images - that red and white polka dot swimsuit, oooohhh, what a classic beauty!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. OMG what kind of pie is that?

    Why are you not posting on IG anymore?

    People do still get permanents. My gf that is a hairdresser said they are making a big come back currently.



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