Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mid Century Housewife Day 5: Saturday...A Housewives Day Off...Well, Sort of...

Today's post is going to be super short because this Mid Century Housewife is taking the project on the town!!!

Honey has family in town from North Carolina this weekend so we are off to the in-laws. Sigh...this is both a joy and a pain in the you know what. Mothers in law have a history of being...well, mothers in law and no one can do anything as well as them. Especially YOU!!! But they mean well (most of the time), so we love anyway. Besides, making nice with the mother of your spouse is always a good thing for your marriage.

Then after that, we come home to change and then it's off to a party to celebrate NYC's LGBT Pride weekend!

No, it's not very vintage but I'll be dressed in my vintage best for the in-laws and my pin up best for the Pride party. I'll try to get some pics to do an outfit post to go along with tomorrow's post.

Now... on to Yesterday

Yesterday (Saturday) was day 5 of the project. Wow, has it been 5 days already? Time definitely does fly when your having fun, or doing dishes, or sweeping the floor.

On my daily housewife SCHEDULE Saturday doesn't have any special cleaning assignments. Just the normal daily tidying, cooking and meal planning for the upcoming week. I did the tidying but since I did the meal planning yesterday I had extra time to wash my hair and give myself some much needed pampering. I don't see when these ladies had anytime for themselves. There is so much to do in one day. Especially if you have children. But I have to admit. The more I clean and dust the easier it gets because I don't leave anything until it piles up. Doing tiny bits of cleaning is MUCH easier and faster than letting it build and doing one big clean. Honey keeps commenting on how clean everything is. That must mean I'm doing something right.

Anyway, I cooked dinner which was breaded pork chops. This recipe was tasty too. I think I'm going to keep it to make it again.

Super simple recipe and super yummy. It says to make a sauce to simmer the chops in. I just made a gravy and let them simmer in that. They also didn't take as long as it said. I almost left them to long. As you can see, some of the breading came off.

Dessert was left over cupcakes and whipped cream from last night.

Later I set my hair in my go to set.

Then it was off to bed. I'll try to get some outfit photos in and share with you tomorrow.

Until then,


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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mid Century Housewife Day 4: Rainy Day Cupcakes and Realizations

Yesterday (Friday) was Day 4 of the being a vintage Housewife.

I had a very slow start to the day, as my stomach was KILLING me since I had my monthly visitor overnight.

I woke up super early because Honey had to be at work early. When she saw how miserable I was she let me sleep in. I tried to refuse but she wouldn't take no for an answer, bless her heart. So, there was no breakfast for Honey this morning. I'm lucky to have the partner that I have. I'm totally convinced that if we actually lived in the 50s and had kids, she would have still let me sleep in as well as got the kids breakfast and off to school. She's the best like that. 

After and extra hour of sleep I was finally able to pull myself out of bed and get some tea and pain killers. Thankfully, that did the trick to get me back on my feet. Then it was off to the supermarket.

I did the marketing, the daily dusting and cleaning of the house. Today was another thorough cleaning day so I cleaned the bedroom and living room. I spent the early part of the day changing bed linens, vacuuming, washing windows and scrubbing walls. This has been the only point since we've lived in this apartment that I thanked my lucky stars that it's small. I got through every thing relatively quickly considering how much I had to do. 

Time to check the list...

I was up to the point where I was supposed to start any long preparations for dinner, so that meant starting on dessert. I was still slightly annoyed by yesterday's disaster (which after googling what may have went wrong and reading comments from you guys, I came to the conclusion that I didn't cook the cream filling long enough. I've made tons of cream pies before but let this one slip through my fingers somehow. No worries, there will be a rematch. And I will be victorious!!!!!!!!! Dramatic much?? hehe) , so I was determined to make this work. I decided on Chocolate Cupcakes with Whipped Cream.

For the next 3 meals I will be using the 1946 edition of The Household Searchlight Recipe Book.

Here is the recipe. 

These were incredibly easy to make! YAY! The one square of chocolate, which may have been for rationing purposes, didn't sound like nearly enough to me so I added a few squares! A girl can never have too much chocolate!

Here they are fresh from the oven.

At first I couldn't pinpoint what looks funny about them, then it dawned on me...they look like muffins. I guess because the recipe didn't call for the use of paper cupcake liners. I looked it up, and there were no cupcake liners before WWII. Maybe the use of paper liners wasn't a  very common thing.

While the cupcakes cooled...and Givenchy eyed them from a few feet away, I took a nap. I was soooo tired alllll day. I guess it was due to that unwelcome visitor...

When I woke I started dinner. 

Dinner was a Hot Tamale Pie

This was also super easy to make and assemble. It just took making the corn-meal "mush" in one pan, and browning the meat and veggies in another. 

I used a lot of seasoning. After yesterday's unfortunate dinner I wanted this to at least be mostly tasty. I couldn't afford another weird look from Honey so soon after the first. I think she would seriously denounce this experiment if that happened.

Fresh out of the oven. Excuse my well- loved square pan.

It looks yummier than it sounds, huh?! Thank the Vintage goddesses above because it was yummy...REALLY yummy. It kind of tastes like Shepard's pie. Honey really liked it and went back for seconds, and thirds and even fourths!!!!

Dessert was also a home run. A small recipe in the back of the book said to remove the center of the cake and insert the sweetened whipping cream. I just sliced them and put the cream in the center, and dab on top. MMmmmmmm... Honey added sliced strawberries to hers. 

So, as you can see it was a quiet day. But I enjoyed the peacefulness of it all. At one point I knew I had been online WAY more than I should have been. That damned Facebook/Instagram addiction. I put the computer away and decided if I was going to make this a truly, mostly vintage experience I really need to cut back on it. I haven't been surfing the web or anything. Just compulsively checking my Facebook. So from now on I'm going to monitor how many photos go to Instagram and how much updating I do on Facebook.

 Then, the best thing happened.  As I was baking it started raining and I just listened to the rain as I baked. It was actually quite beautiful. Baking cupcakes during a breezy summer rain. No television, radio or internet to numb my senses.  It made me realize that even after this is all over I really need to slow down and listen to the rain. To enjoy life's little moments as they come. To try to always be IN the moment as opposed to moving through one moment to get to the next and the next. Life is so beautiful if we just stop to smell the roses, or in my case the rain.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Mid Century Housewife Day 3: A Pointless Bake Off

Let's just jump right into it, shall we?

Day 3 of the Housewife Project (Thursday)

Well, day 3 was spent cleaning. It was the day that was reserved for a deep clean of certain areas of the house. I decided to do the kitchen and the bathroom.

It was a ton of work. It took about 2 hours to finish just the kitchen alone. And that's with me having one of the world's tiniest kitchens. Every little nook and cranny had to be clean. Following the instructions from America's Housekeeping Book helped a lot, though.

I started off by emptying out the refrigerator and freezer and scrubbing the inside of it. Of course with that came the emptying of gross bottles and almond milk cartons that somehow got lost in the back of the fridge (just in case you were wondering, almond milk turns into a weird oozey substance when its spoiled. I guess it turns into almond oil or something...ick. Can't let that happen again).

Once that was done I scrubbed the actual unit itself just for some extra shine. Then it was on to the stove. I spent 30 minutes scrubbing, and scrubbing...and...scrubbing until it was as shiny as a new one. That led to going inside of the oven which, thankfully, we cook enough and clean it enough so that it didn't need too much attention.

Then came the cabinets, then the walls, then the floor. It was seriously never ending (and don't forget all this happened after I had already  made and served breakfast, made the bed, dusted every piece of furniture...again...and walked around and made sure everything was were it was supposed to be...). But it was worth it. When I was finished it was like having a new kitchen. Every think was gleaming (with my sweat and tears).

The bathroom came next which wasn't that big of a deal since that gets a daily deep clean everyday anyway.

Then it was on to baking... Good thing I like to bake because it was only 1 o clock and I had already had a full day but no lunch yet.

I started with the Cheese Swirls that I needed to go on top of tonight's Tuna Bake.

The instructions were pretty straight forward. It was basically a basic biscuit dough recipe that was rolled into a jelly roll shape, then cut and baked. Sorry I forgot to get a pic of the actual biscuit recipe...

Here is the dough (messily) rolled out with the cheese on top. Of course it's American cheese.

Then rolled into a log

Cut into circles and baked off.

Here are the finished swirls! Aren't they cute?!

Then I moved on to the Strawberry Cream Pie...Here is where things started to veer in the wrong direction.  Here is the recipe

I did everything the instructions said... I mean, EVERYTHING...but for some reason when I went to check the pie after it had chilled for 2 hours I noticed that it wasn't setting...Totally soupy. But, I thought, maybe it just needs to chill longer. So I moved on to eating a late lunch and meal planning for the weekend. I still had 3 hours before Honey started on her way home.

Meal planning took longer than I expected because my indecisiveness set in and I couldn't narrow down what I wanted for dinner this weekend. I finally figured it out and let me just say, it should make for interesting blogging!!

When that was done it was on to the Tuna Bake

I knew I was taking a chance with this one because Honey DESPISES canned chicken soup. It literally makes her gag. was worth a shot right. I got out the can opener and got to work.

Now this recipe would have been better if maybe the cheese swirls were not baked off in advanced and then baked AGAIN for 30 minutes when you put them on the Tuna Bake. Making the bake itself was not the problem. It was the fact that 30 minutes was way to long to keep already baked biscuits in the oven. So my super cute, perfect little swirls ended up over baked and looking like they were one step away from being door stoppers. Sigh...

I'm soooo anal with my baking, so that put me in kind of a bad mood. But at least everything else turned out ok right...wrong...we have to go back to my pie...

So right after I did the meal planning, and right before I started the Tuna Bake I checked the pie again. After almost 4 hours in the refrigerator it was no more near set than when I first put it in...Panic mode... ok... maybe not. Let's be creative. Let's see, we can eat it as like a vanilla/ strawberry pudding or something...or, maybe freezing it would work.

So I stuck my soupy cream pie in the freezer...sigh # 2.

Now fast forward to finishing up the Tuna Bake. I check the pie and well, it's definitely freezing. I have no idea how it's going to turn out but at least its solid now.

Honey comes home and I go through the ritual of putting out the table, setting it and fixing her drink. I pull the Tuna Bake out the oven and bring it to the table. Silence.

"What did you say this was supposed to be?" she asks

"Ummm...Tuna Bake??" I respond.

"Hmmm..." blank face from Honey

I serve it and she tastes it.

"Well, it could be worse" she says.

Which in Honey language means she hated it and doesn't want to hurt my feelings. I just laugh because like I said before, I knew I was pushing it.

I however didn't think it was all that bad.  I don't think I'll make it again but it wasn't HORRIBLE. I'm glad I made salad also because Honey ended up only eating the greens.

Then it was time for the pie. My poor pie had been through a lot. Pulled it out of the freezer and yep, it was frozen... here is the sad finish to my long day of hard work. This had NEVER happened to me before while baking!! UGH!! Stupid mid century cookbook instructions!!!

Honey agreed that if it had set it would have been scrumptious!! But alas, we had to eat frozen, strawberry cream pie.

Oh well, hopefully today's cooking and baking will be better!!!

Time to do more dusting!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mid Century Housewife Day 2: Ugh!!! I need an Ethel!!! And Quick!

First I want to thank everyone for the kind comments and response to my first day as a vintage housewife!!! It was super fun to read the comments and to know what you think of my experiment. And it seems like everyone has had a previous experience with SPAM but me! What's with that? I think it comes from me growing up in a dancer household and watching what I ate ALL the time. I have to say that I enjoyed it!!!! It's yummy! Who knew? I guess you all did!!!

On to yesterday.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was Day 2 in what I'm calling my Mid Century Housewife Project.

It started off like the first day, which is good because that means I'm following the schedule.

I woke up, made breakfast (in my pj's), and sat and ate with Honey. It was a work day for her so right after we ate she started getting dressed for work. Which is a process because she works for MAC cosmetics and has to go to work all edgy and in full makeup. So it sometimes takes a while. While she got dressed I put on a day dress, did my makeup and hair, then started on the daily chore list which was just a repeat of what I did the day before. There is a lot of repetition in the housewife schedule which I can appreciate. That way I don't really have to think about what needs to happen next. It's like muscle memory. Kind of like dancing.

After I got Honey out of the house and off to work, I cleaned the mess she left for me...

then I got started on the chore of the day which was the laundry... I can't stand doing laundry. I usually trick Honey into doing it because I dislike it so much. I think it would be easier if we had a washer/dryer in our apartment. But in true NY fashion we have to walk to the laundry mat to get the clothes clean. Luckily for us it's just around the corner so its not too bad. But I still don't like it.

We didn't have too much laundry that needed to be done (triple YAY) so I was done with cleaning AND laundry by around 4 pm. Then there was a quick run back to the supermarket for things that I forgot the last time I was there.

It wasn't a very hard day, thank goodness. But it got me thinking. Gosh, I sure wish I had a lovable, wise cracking best friend, who lives next door to stop by to chat with. An Ethel to my Lucy. Or a Mille to my Laura Petrie (anyone else love The Dick Van Dyke show like I do?!)!  I have lots of friends but none who live immediately in the area and share my love of vintage everything. How fun would it be to have someone to get into lots of innocent, crazy trouble with while my Honey is off bringing home the bacon? SO MUCH FUN!!! We could have tea, and (try to) play bridge, if I knew how to play and I could borrow sugar or butter or something when I need it!! SO MUCH FUN! I definitely need to work on that.

Oops. Got a little off subject there. Anyway. I ended up having more free time than I thought because Honey had to stay late at work. So I was able to watch some TV shows. I tried to keep it vintage and watch Lucy and some TCM movies we had on the dvr. I started dinner late because I knew Honey wouldn't be home until around 9:30 and I didn't want to eat without her.  I made Steak Roll-Ups with Noodles.

Here was the recipe

Not bad...

I made it through the first of the instructions.

And left the meat to simmer in the sauce while I set up the table and got things ready for a very late dinner. When I got back to the pan, about 40 minutes later I thought that I had a potential disaster on my hands because the steak shrunk!!! A lot!!! It went from what you see in the above picture to something half the size! Ooops. Not sure if that was supposed to happen but, it ended up working out fine. It meant no left overs but that's sometimes a good thing in this house. Left overs hardly ever get eaten.

Here is a picture from the cookbook of what it was supposed to look like

And here is my finished product

Pretty good!! Oh! I added some spinach in the steak because I felt we could use some more green stuff. It totally worked in the dish. It tasted surprisingly good. I was nervous because there was minimal seasoning involved. Honey gave it a thumbs up so I guess we're good!

So that was yesterday. I just realized that I need to revise the schedule I made a few posts back. I only have one marketing day on the schedule and I definitely need two. I'm thinking of making Friday the other market day. Today is one of my two thorough cleaning days. I'm supposed to deep clean the kitchen and the bathroom... I'm going to follow the America's Housekeeping Book method of cleaning the kitchen. Here is a link to the book. The page for kitchens should be page 253 if you want to follow along.

Dinner is going to be Tuna Bake and strawberry cream pie. We'll see how that goes. OH! I think I'm going to alternate cookbooks throughout the 2 weeks. Tomorrow I'll do another recipe from my Better Homes and Gardens book but I'll do a different cookbook starting Friday. Gotta keep it interesting!!

Oh! And before I go I just want to acknowledge the fantastic thing that happened in the states yesterday. DOMA was struck down by the Supreme Court and same sex marriages will finally be recognized on a Federal level (well, if you live in a state with legal same sex marriage). And NO MORE PROP 8 for my California lovies! YAY! It was a good day to be a housewife to Honey yesterday!!

Okie dokie, that's all for now. I'll see ya after the Tuna Bake is done!!!


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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mid Century Housewife Day 1: And on the First Day There Was SPAM

Well, here it is... a recap of Day 1 of my Mid -Century Housewife Project.

10:11 pm

I have never been this sleepy this early in a long time. Especially when I haven't left my house other than to go to the supermarket all day. Even though I'm SUPER exhausted the day went surprisingly smooth.  There were no major disasters and I got everything done. Here is how the day panned out.

 I woke up at around 8 a.m. I usually wake up at around 9 a.m. anyway so that was no big feat. What was a little harder than I thought it would be was actually getting dressed! Since I made the schedule so that today (Tuesday) was my marketing day and there was no food for breakfast in the house, I kind of had to do my checklist out of order and go to the supermarket before waking Honey up for breakfast. So at 8 a.m. I pulled on a day dress, took the rollers out of my hair, brushed my hair and set out to the supermarket.

I got to the supermarket and started on the grocery list. Garlic, check! Tomato paste, check! Canned bean sprouts...??? ummm check! Then...gulp...SPAM...ugh...check... I put the SPAM in my cart and covered it with the remaining items I had to get. It's not that I was embarrassed to buy the SPAM...well yes I was. I kind of pride myself on buying healthy, mostly organic food for the house. It's not ALWAYS that way but you will almost never see processed meat in my shopping cart. I'm too afraid to get sick to eat it. But I guess I have to get used to the idea for the next two weeks. There is a lot of American cheese and frankfurters on the menu.  I guess two weeks of it won't kill us right?

$50 later (and a weird side glance from the lady ringing up my SPAM) I was on the way back to the apartment. Upon returning home, I put the groceries away and opened the blinds (not the windows...we had to run the air conditioner all day. By the time I got home from the market it was near 90 degrees!) and got breakfast on the table. I set the table and everything!!! Something I never do. Mainly because we don't have a real kitchen/ dining room table. Our apartment is way to small for such fancy schmacy furnishings. Breakfast was simple because I really didn't want to turn on the stove or oven if I didn't have too. So we just had cold cereal, grapefruit halves and coffee.  It was nice to sit down to a quiet breakfast in our apartment with the sun shining in and just talk and have coffee. It was a peaceful morning. Loved it.

Once breakfast was over I changed dresses and started the daily cleaning. Honey was off today so it made it just a little weird. She kept asking if she could help. So cute. She felt like I was doing all the work. Which I was, but that's the point.  But since she was looking for a job to do I told her to de-clutter one of the closets just to keep her busy. It was her equivalent of a "husband" job like mowing the lawn or repairing something.

 Its amazing how many little things can get out of their place from day to day. I spent most of the morning reorganizing and making sure every thing was in it's place. What's the saying? A place for everything and everything in it's place? That's what I was saying to myself all day. Dishes. Check! Vacuuming. Check! Bathroom...Check! It went on and on. Luckily I cleaned yesterday so it wasn't that bad. Just re-dusting things and making sure everything was nice and shiny.

Before I knew it it was 1 p.m. and  lunch time! So I set to work on that. Lunch was just tuna salad sandwiches and fruit cocktail for dessert.

After lunch I tackled the rest of the list which was just making sure every nook and cranny looked it's best. It was actually quite tedious but I enjoyed it. Honey at one point came in the kitchen as I was scrubbing and asked "You're enjoying yourself, aren't you?" I was like...TOTALLY!!! Who knew.

When all the cleaning was done I sat down with my recipe book and made sure I had everything for tonight's dinner and for dinner for the next two days. Then I sat down with Honey for some relaxation. I even had time for that nap that I was hoping for.

I started dinner around 6 p.m. and gave Honey her before dinner cocktail, a gin and tonic.

 I decided to make the Quick Chow Mein from my Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook.  This is the recipe that required the luncheon meat. I had never in my life tasted SPAM before so...hmmm...

Here is the recipe.

 In case you were wondering what diced SPAM looks like while it's frying up in butter, here ya go...

While frying the meat I really wasn't sure about it...I like fake ham or something. But if my mid century sisters could do it so could I. I powered on through the recipe...

I had Honey pull a card table in the center of the living room (I got that idea from I Love Lucy, did you ever realize that they didn't have a dining room table either? That was a great little New Yorker detail in the show) and set it. Then served the dish.

Here is the finished product

Not too bad, eh? Ok, it doesn't look like Chef Gordon Ramsey made it or anything but it looks edible, right?? I hope...

Well, Lo and behold!! It was kind of tasty!!! Not something that I would make on a regular basis but definitely not bad! YAY! Mid Century success!!! Honey liked it too. Which is a sigh of relief. If I failed the first meal I don't think she would trust my vintage recipes ever again

Here is Givenchy begging for spam chow mein. I'm sure it smelled yummy to him too.

Dessert was simply vanilla ice cream with a caramel sauce. Perfect for the steamy weather we were having.

After that it was time to clear away the dishes and tidy up the kitchen.  Which actually took no time at all since it was spotless from the earlier cleaning session.  After was quality time with Honey.

And that's that. The day is over and I'm pooped. I've been going from 8 this morning til 9 tonight doing mainly housework the whole time. Now it's time to set my hair and do it all over again tomorrow. And I'm kind of looking forward to it. It was a good productive day. The very best part was having Honey genuinely thank me for all the hard work I put into taking care of our home today. It was super sweet!!!

That's all for now
See you tomorrow

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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Mid Century Housewife Strikes...Tomorrow...oh boy...



Or at least it will be tomorrow!

The first day of my Mid Century Housewife Project.

So,  what did I spend all of today doing? Pre-cleaning. I just couldn't go into this 2 week long experiment with a already messy apartment. I don't really call it "cheating", just getting a head start. I couldn't see myself starting everything from square one tomorrow. I wouldn't be able to make it through the week if that was the case.

Later on tonight I'll finish up the weeks' meal plan. I'm due to go to the supermarket mid morning tomorrow morning. Honey is off tomorrow and typically sleeps until 10am (she's kind of a late sleeper) so I'll go to the market before she wakes.

I have everything ready to go. I bought a couple of new 50s housedresses so that I don't accidentally make a mess of my wearable vintage. I'm still collecting dresses and's been a longer process than I thought it would be when I initally decided to go TOTALLY vintage. But more on that in a future post.

So, that's that. Everything is organized and ready to go. I'll be sharing everything as I go along. So you'll get a post everyday for the next two weeks. Good or bad. Pass or fail, I'll let you know how everything is going! So tune in. It should be quite entertaining getting Honey to eat all the mid century concotions I have planned (actually she says she draws the line at gelatin and any sort of meat in the same dish. I can't really blame her. Apparently I can make it as long as there is another meal, a real meal, to go along with it. A good idea actually). A friend suggested that I make a button to help people follow the series. That's a fab idea. I just haven't had the time to make one. But I'll get it done ASAP.

Ok... so now the disclaimer...

No, this is probably not going to resemble the day in the life of a REAL typical 50s housewife. If you read THIS post from Jen But Never Jenn, she got a lot of flack for her experiment. People took it WAAAYYYYY too seriously, when she only did it for fun! As am I. Yes, I know that my marriage is far from the typical 50s marriage (ummm...self explanatory...I hope hehe). No, I am not trying to make this my way of life FOREVER (I think I would kill Honey, or hurt her really badly from resentment if I did that). I'm really just trying to see if any of the vintage way of homekeeping can keep me on a schedule and lead me to a little corner of homemaking bliss. That is all... so PLEASE don't read too much into this, which I know none of you lovely ladies will. Just had to put that out there!

So here goes nothing. I'm diving in the deep end and we'll see if I can swim. Or a least doggy paddle...

See you all tomorrow (I think I'll be posting mainly at night since my day seems to be full. Honey has decided to document the whole thing via photos so I'll have lots of pics both on the blog and Instagram)

Think of me while you are washing your dishes or putting away your clean laundry!


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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Good Housekeeping June 1956

Happy Summer Everyone!!!

How was your first day of summer?

Well, Honey and I spent the day cooking and relaxing. We thought there would be no better way to start off the summer than to grill (well, indoor grill. We do live in NYC. Outdoor space is minimal) burgers, drink some raspberry hard cider and eat the lemon ice box pie that I made!!!

Here is some some Instagram pics of the meal

I have to admit that I ate most of the pie. I think Honey only had one piece...Ooops...

 YUMMMMM!!! It was a great day! After all of that we watched "You've Got Mail".  LOVE that movie!!!! Everytime I see it I get the urge to see "The Shop Around the Corner" of which "You've Got Mail" is loosely  based.

Then today my June 1956 issue of Good Housekeeping arrived!!

I though I would give you guys a peek.

It's filled with GREAT photos and articles and advertisements!

How cute is this shoe ad!?!?

These mixers haven't changed much. I had one almost identical a few years back. It was my first ever stand mixer.

It's great to know that Kitchen Aid was around in the 50s...that means I can use my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer next week!! Whew!!

A recipe for Monterey Souffle Salad made with Star-Kist tuna (really just a weird gelatin tuna thing)

Ooohh!! There was a neat article about making your hallway pretty. Love the pics of 50s furnishing

A super cute wave lotion ad. I wonder if it really made the hair that much easier to wave?

There were a lot of hair and beauty advice columns. (I tried to make it larger so that you can read a bit if you'd like). This one is about how to save your hair from the steamy summer weather. Including getting a permanent. Do people still get those? I remember they were still around in the 80s. I had many a friend with frizzy permed hair.  This young lady's hair looks super elegant and smooth. 

The magazine is also filled with short stories. I have yet to read them all but the interests vary. There are romance, suspense stories and some non fiction .

And of course, there is tons of fabulous 50s fashions!

And swimsuits!!!!!!!!!

I'm completely in love with this little red suit!!

This is all just a tiny bit of what is in the magazine! I can't wait to start collecting more. The only problem will be where to store them. I already have one closet full of modern cookbooks and cooking magazines. I'm afraid I may need another to store the vintage ladies magazines and cookbooks I plan on getting. Oh well, I'll worry about that later!!!

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