About Me

I'm a girl with Mid-Century style BUT a thoroughly modern personality. I have an obsession with pin curls, Dorothy Dandridge, Audrey Hepburn and Teddy Girls (and bascially all things mid centruy). But on the other hand I also have and obsession with drag queens, horror movies, baking, Janet Jackson and the 90's girl group TLC (random huh?). I live with my "Honey" and our son Givenchy (ok, so Givenchy is a yorkie we call Gigi but eh...close enough). Join me as I marry my love of everything vintage with my love of most things modern. It should be interesting!!! 

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  1. Hi Miss Lady, I love you blog on such an elegent era. Do you have an suggestion on a site where I can purchase shoes. I have the skills to recover they in the colors I need, I just need a couple basic pairs to start with.



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