Sunday, March 24, 2013

So Many Things, So Little Time!

So I have decided not to do anymore blogging until I get back from Las Vegas. There is soooo much going on right now.  There are so many things that I need to get accomplished before I go. Not even just packing wise but on the ballet teacher front.

My NJ ballerinas have been preparing all year for an international ballet exam given by the Royal Academy of Dance in London, England. An examiner from London is coming to examine their skill in ballet. THE DAY AFTER I GET BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say I'm stressed and can think of nothing else but Vegas and ballet!! I know they'll do well but as a teacher you are always stressed until everything is said and done.

I was going to do a baking post today but I ended up having to spring clean because my puppy sitters need to do the puppy sitting at our apartment because their room-mate is cat sitting a sick cat at their place!!! So I have to clean the place from top to bottom by myself because Honey had to work. So far only the kitchen and laundry have gotten done. Hopefully Honey can to the bedroom and living room tomorrow.

Whew... I just made myself tired all over again!

For those that don't follow me on or don't have Instagram I'll try to put a super short post up a few times while we are gone, then do a big post when we return (after the RAD exam of course).

So I'm off!!! See you lovlies on the other side, where it's going to be sunny and WARM (expecting snow in NYC tomorrow on top of everything else!!!)


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Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Finally! Spring is here... could someone just tell that to whoever runs the weather here in NYC! PLEASE! On this beautiful first day of spring it is a frigid 38 degrees outside... sigh... I'll just keep waiting for it.

On a better, much brighter note... It's almost time to leave for VLV! This time next week Honey and I will be on a plane to Vegas! I've been checking the weather there and by the time we arrive it should be a perfect 76 degrees!! Ahhh!! A taste of warm weather to last me until it warms up here.

So packing has begun!!

I've been reading some bloggers VLV prep posts from years past to help with the process. I'm such a horrible packer. I either bring too much stuff or not enough. And regardless of how much I bring I seem to ALWAYS run out of luggage space. I don't want to take too much because I don't want to have to check more bags than needed (and end up paying out the wahzoo for it).

I also have a lot of mending and laundry to do so I'm guessing I'll do that today since it's my day off and I'm just sitting here waiting for my new crinoline to arrive. I can't sew a dress but having to sew ribbons on ballet shoes and holes in tights has made me a pretty handy mender! Thank goodness.

I want to download some good books for my Kindle Fire (yes, I use an e-reader... I know it's not very vintage of me but it's so much easier for me with my daily commuting. And that way I can carry multiple books all in one handy tablet). If you have any suggestions on what to read please let me know! I'm always interested in reading different things. My favorites of course are classics and things based on the past.

 I also need to get Gigi a groomer's appointment for the weekend so that he'll be ready for the puppy sitter. He'll be vacationing at a friend's house while we're away. I'm so sad to leave him. Such an over protective mommy! I can't help myself. He's our baby!

As you can see he's in desperate need of a haircut!

We have a few jive lessons to get in before we go! Honey and I both want to be able to dance the night away. I'm determined not to be a wall flower!!!

Well, I guess that's it for this post. I may do 1 or 2 more before the trip. I'll try to make them un-VLV related so you don't have to hear me ramble on.

If you have Instagram make sure you follow me! I'm going to try to post pics from my phone the whole time we are there. Kind of like a little VLV photo diary so that you can feel like you're there if you're not going!

Now get out and enjoy the official first day spring!!!!


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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dancing Guys and Dolls! The Stars of Vintage Dance

It's been a while since I did the first of my "Stars of Vintage Dance" series post. So that's what this post is! But now I'm letting the fellas in on the fun!

So here is the dance duo that EVERYONE thinks about when they think of vintage dance and old school musicals...

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

Fred Astaire- ( May 10, 1899 – June 22, 1987) What can I say about him?! He was the absolute best at his craft.  When I watch anything he's dancing in I get caught up looking at his technique and his stage presence. He just oozed confidence, poise and elegance. His dancing definitely made him swoon worthy in my opinion.  During his dance and film career he made a total of 31 films and was named the fifth Greatest Male Star of All Time by the American Film Institute.

Fred was born  Frederick Austerlitz in Nebraska to a American mother and Austrian father. He had an older sister, Adele, who he danced with in his early career. Fred and Adele appeared on Broadway and on London stages in productions such as "Funny Face" and "The Band Wagon. The partnership split when Adele married and Fred Astaire went on to become the song and dance man we know today!

Ginger Rogers-July 16, 1911 – April 25, 1995)  What a beauty!!!!! I LOVE Ginger Rogers. She was always so incredibly classy and elegant when she danced. A dancer, actor and singer, she was the complete triple threat.

Ginger (whose  real name was Virginia Katherine McMath ) was born in Missouri. Her mother, a theater critic helped peak Ginger's interest in performing.  As a teenager Ginger won a Charleston dance contest which allowed her to go on tour. She married at age 17 to another dancer and they formed a short lived Vaudeville act. They divorced months later and she went back on tour. She became famous at 19 years old in the Broadway show "Girl Crazy".

Ginger's most famous partnership was of course with Fred Astaire. They made 9 movies together. (I've seen every one of them!)

Fred and Ginger's partnership was what dreams were made of. They complimented each other in every way. Where Fred was known as first and foremost a dancer and an actor a distant second, Ginger was an amazing actress first and a dancer secondly. They just meshed well. It's rare that a partnership that organic is made. You could tell that they enjoyed moving together when they danced. Their chemistry was undeniable. You really felt like they were courting or married (or whatever the case was in the film).

I think my favorite movie of theirs is "The Barkleys of Broadway" (1949). Such a good movie. This movie was done after Ginger and Fred had stopped dancing together for 10 years. Rogers was pulled in late in movie production to fill in for an unreliable Judy Garland.

In the film Fred and Ginger play Josh and Dinah Barkley, a husband-wife comedy act. The couple splits when Dinah is persuaded to do dramatic roles by a smooth talking French playwright. Dinah is cast in a show as a serious actress. Josh sneaks into a rehearsal of the show and he sees her struggling and feels bad for her. He is, after all, still in love with her.  Over the telephone he pretends to be the French playwright and coaches her through the role. She is a success and finds out it was really Josh coaching her and of course, this brings them back together.

This is a fantastic film. Ginger's acting in the role is absolutely Divine. The dance numbers are breathtaking.  Especially "You Can't Take That Away From Me". It makes me tear up every time. If you haven't seen it, try to find it on Netflix or Amazon. You won't be sorry.

Well, That's it for this dancing doll and her "Dancing Guys and Dolls" post. Stay tuned in thr coming months for more. Hopefully I can get in everyone's favorite dancers!

Until next time dolls (those that dance and those that don't)

Dancingly Yours,
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hair Trial and Things I've learned Since Becoming A Blogger

Its finally a beautiful day here in NYC! The sun is shining and the temperature is around the 50 degree mark. Spring is coming!!! Yes, I know we have a couple weeks more of cold, then warm, then cold, then warm but it's coming. I'm just sitting here waiting for it.

Since I knew it was going to be a pretty day today, I took the time to set my hair late last night. I need to start some hair trials for Viva. I need hair that's easy and cute and that will last through a whole day.

Ashley from Lisa Freemont Street uploaded a youtube tutorial to go with the Gene Tierney pin curl setting pattern from her Hedy Lamarr blog post (here is the tutorial). I thought I would try it out. Here are the results:

Not perfect but I'll try it again this weekend. My hair wasn't freshly washed so that may make the results a little neater. Plus, I think I need to layer the top of my hair a little more. I think I'll have Honey do that this weekend. Once that's done I'll post the results again.

Now on to the second part of my post. This month marks 2 1/2 months of blogging for me. Its been soooo much fun. I had been wanting to start a blog for a year prior but... I don't know... It never really got started.
I've met so many interesting and fun people since starting this blog. Some I've only met online (I will meet a lot of them at Viva so that's super exciting), and some I've met in person. All have been lovely! So what have I learned since I've started blogging...?

1. Vintage/Rockabilly/Pinup  girls are not as scary and stuck up as I thought it would be- I honestly heard horror stories of stuck up girls (and guys) and the nasty things they have to say about newbies. To be fair, NYC doesn't have what I would call a Vintage scene, so I guess I haven't met too many people. But the people I have come in contact with either online or in person have only been super nice and supportive. I've gotten likes and sweet (and helpful) comments on Instagram from well known people in the Vintage scene. No one as been discouraging or mean spirited. Only helpful.

2. Incorporating vintage into my wardrode is not as impossible as it may seem- I don't wear head to toe vintage everyday only because it's not practical in my line of work. I spend most of my day in leotards and tights. I can't always have my hair set because I need to have it pulled back to teach. I've been getting things little by little. I wear pieces of it everyday. On weekends and when we go somewhere special I try to wear mostly vintage. The dance studio I teach at had a big fundrasing gala last weekend and I wore a quilted circle skirt with a cute vintage blouse. The only thing not vintage were my shoes. My kids LOVED it!! I got a lot of compliments from everyone on how elegant the outfit looked. So I guess I'm heading in the right direction.

3. I'm okay with being stared at or looked at funnily- HAHA! This is the best one. It cracks me up when I get the occasional side eye on the subway. I'm not really sure what most people are thinking when they see someone dressed as I do. It seems that older people always give a little knowing nod. People around my age think I'm trying to be a hipster, which living in Brooklyn is normal, so whatever. And younger people, like teenagers and younger just stare. I think they're like..."Surely this lady knows that no one wears their hair that curly anymore!" Its a complete riot. It doesn't bother me though. I'm learning that that is just part of it.

4. I actually LIKE doing my hair and makeup- Before last year I used to dread putting on makeup. I thought that unless it was for a performance it was a waste of my time. Now I look forward to it.  I love to see my transfomation into a 50s girl. I think now that I know what I'm doing and where all the color is supposed to go it's a bit easier and thus a little more fun. My hair is also more fun to do. I LOVE curling my hair. Before I constantly wore my hair straight and was constantly bored. Now I can set my hair at night and spend only a few minutes on the brush out in the morning and be done. Or I can put a few cute rolls in my hair and put a snood on and instantly I feel pretty. It's the best!

5. I actually want to learn how to sew!!!!- YES!! I really do!! I never really thought about it before. But within the last few months I've had the really big urge to learn to sew. I see all the beautiful things that other girls make and it inspires me to get going. No, I don't expect to be as good as these girls but I at least want to be able to sew a decent hem or repair a must have vintage find that needs some love. I hope to start this summer. I already have Honey on the lookout for a sewing machine!! Now I just need to know where to start and how to get started. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!!!

Well... that's that. Just a few things that have been on my mind. I'm really starting to love this blog and the people I've met through it... I plan on keeping it up for a long time!!!

Get out and enjoy this lovely weather if you live in the Northeast. If not I hope you're enjoying a spring preview like the one we're enjoying here!!!

Until next time!!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday Movie Night! (and a little Highschool Hell Cats!)

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages, but it really hasn't been more than 4 days!!! The past few days have been so busy for me that it seems like last week was a really long week! I've been anxious to do a post but couldn't find the time at all this weekend. One of the dance studios I teach at had their annual fundraising gala Saturday so I was busy with that all day Saturday. Sunday all I could do was veg out in front of the television with Honey. So that's what I did and that also leads me into my post...!!!

Sunday Movie Day!

I had the chance to finally show Honey "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn". I loved this movie as a kid.

The movie centers around the poverty stricken Nolan family in circa 1900 Willamsburg, Brooklyn. Francie Nolan, the eldest child, is a young girl with a wide imagination and big dreams. She adores her father, Johnny Nolan, who is a man with a great heart but who is not so great at finding and keeping a job. The mother, Katie Nolan, is a good woman whose heart has been hardened by poverty and broken promises by her husband. The son Neely Nolan, is the typical little brother, always looking to have fun and hates school.

The film is about the struggles the family has, especially Francie, who is looking for a way to express herself and who is very smart and knows that there is a world outside of their little Brooklyn flat. Its a great movie to watch with the family. I usually watch it more near the holidays but I was itching for Honey to see it. I haven't read the novel the film is based on but I intend to.

Another movie I wanted to show Honey but we ran out of time (stupid time moving forward threw me off!) was "Highschool Hellcats". OH MY GOODNESS! This movie is my guilty pleasure. I don't even think the movie is that great but I adore the campy-ness of it! The movie gives you the feel of "Mean Girls" gone 1950s. Its supposedly third in a series of exploitation films centered around juvenile delinquency. I guess adults in the 50s felt that they were losing control of the youth, what with their Rock and Roll and pointy breasts and all.  There is a lot of cigarette smoking, pencil skirts and bullet bras. Its the BEST!

It's the story of Joyce, a girl who moves to a new town. She falls in with the bad girls of the school. Which in order to be accepted in a teen angsty 50s movie you just HAD to do right?! Joyce is invited to a make-out party where the leader of the group is killed! Joyce is dragged into the investigation and the killer is revealed... Who was it?? Well you have to watch the movie to find out. I saw the movie while it was streaming on Netflix. It should still be there. If it is check it out!

So that was my Sunday!!! Hope yours was as relaxing as mine!!!


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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring time Tune (or tone) Up!

Well, as I write this we are expecting another winter storm to hit the Northeast later tonight into tomorrow. UGH! I'm usually a cool weather girl but this winter has been so grey and ugly that I'm actually itching for spring.

With Viva right at 3 weeks away I thought I would start toning and detoxing. There has been a lot of things going on with my body the last few weeks. Nothing serious just things like bloating, gas and constipation, but all things that say I need to start paying a little more attention to my diet. As a dancer I usually eat pretty healthily but being in my 30s now, certain things that I could eat before make me feel all bloaty now.  Not to mention that I have suffered from acne for as long as I can remember and the older I get the more my diet plays into it. I know we're going to be taking a lot of pictures and meeting others who will be taking pictures so I want to be photo ready!

I know I'm starting a little late on the detox train, but my lifestyle is already so active with daily dancing that I don't think I need to do TOO much (I come from a slight disordered eating background so I have to stay conscience that I am not overdoing my dieting).  So this is what I've been doing since Monday (and intend to keep doing until Viva) as far as my eating is concerned.

Keep in mind I'm constantly moving and burning calories and energy so I have to eat a few more times than most people.

First thing in the morning: Tall glass of water with EmergenC. (MUST get my vitamin c intake while working with the kiddies!! )

Breakfast: Steel cut oatmeal with cinnamon, brown sugar and raisins. Cup of coffee (did I mention that I'm a caffeine addict. I'm trying to cut back to 1 cup a day. That's down from 3 or more... I know, I know)

Snack: Green Monster Smoothie (recipe to follow) and fruit.  Most likely a pear or apple.

Lunch: Salad. I try to switch up the type of salad so that I don't get bored. I try to add some sort of protein to it to keep my energy up. I've been really enjoying mixed greens with tuna and avocado and balsamic dressing.

Snack: Usually pita chips and hummus or some sort of nuts like almonds. And another piece of fruit.

Dinner: I've been trying to up my fiber intake so we've been eating a lot of non meat proteins.  Last night we had marinated steak (Honey really had  the steak. I had a tiny piece so that I wouldn't feel jealous) and succotash. Succotash is normally just a mixture of beans and veggies. Honey made it with red kidney beans, corn, fresh green beans, red onion and avocado and mixed it in with a homemade barbecue sauce.  You saute it all in a pan and serve hot. Make sure to add the avocado AFTER it's cooked or else it gets mushy. Sooo yummy.

Dessert: A small portion of whatever I've baked for the week... This week it was... NOTHING (gasp!)

Throughout the day I've been trying to make sure I drink TONS of water. You have too when you increase your fiber intake. It can get really uncomfortable in your tummy if you don't!

I've also been trying to add some exercises to my daily routine. I dance constantly but its not enough to keep me as toned as I would like. Like I said, the older I get the more I have to do to keep me in the shape that I'm in... so in addition to my ballet I've added

Plank- for a couple of minutes. Great for abs and core strength

20-30 Standing push ups

30 Slow demi-plies and grand pliès (demi-plies which you may know are small bends of the knee that dancers do to warm up. Grand pliés are like demi but are deeper and bigger)

30 pliè- relevé (that's when you do a pliè making sure your knees are over your toes, straighten your legs in one movement and raise up onto the ball of your feet)

Lots of floor stretches

"Butt crunches"- as many as I can handle. ( Not the technical name for it but that's what I've named them. Its when you lie on the floor with your feet on the ground hip width apart. You slowly raise your buttocks and hips off of the ground and squeeze your glutes. Then slowly lower to the ground. My thighs and rear are my "problem" areas so I pay close attention to them. My core (tummy) is pretty much in check so I don't have to do too much tummy stuff.

I try to do this in the studio before I teach or before I go to bed at night. As a dancer I don't really like to use weights. When I do I tend to get bulky muscles instead of long elegant ones. I would rather use resistance bands or my own body weight. Plus... I'm soooo lazy when it comes to working out. I think I'm the laziest dancer I know hehe!! If you would like more details on the exercises just ask me! I'm more than happy to help!
I also found this cute website with great tips for a pinup body...without the waist training (geez that stuff looks painful!!).

 Possibly Vintage has some super cute retro workouts for the girl who wants to keep it totally vintage.

If you are looking to tone and get in shape I cannot say enough good things about Pilates!!! It is a fantastic option to get a dancer's body without the dancing! It works wonders in a relatively short period of time. It really does make EVERYTHING stronger! It's great!!!

Hopefully by the time Viva comes I'll at least feel warmer weather ready, even if I may look exactly the same. Like I said, I'm not trying to lose weight, just tone a little and look and feel overall healthier!!!

Here is the recipe for the Green Monster Smoothie! Don't be afraid! It looks ummm... very green...but it's actually really good. Its supposed to be a great smoothie to improve hair, nails, skin and boost metabolism. The only thing I change (or alternate) is the peanut butter. I'm not a huge peanut butter fan so sometimes I nix it. If I know it's going to be a long day then I add it because of the added protein.

So that's that. My pinup ready plan!

What's your daily routine to keep you skin, hair, nails and body "pinup" ready?

Remember, its not about the size of your waist but how healthy you feel... and how good you make others feel!! 


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Sunday, March 3, 2013

1950s Teddy Girls

I first became acquainted with Teddy Girls (also known as Judies) a couple of years ago during one of my random internet searches. I think I was looking up something makeup/style related for Honey and came across photos of the teenaged girls from the 50s. Their look totally appealed not only to my vintage side but to the side of me that loves edgy fashion.

Teddy Girls were the female counterpart to the more well known Teddy Boys that were first established in London in the late 40s and throughout the 50's. They were working class teenagers who were looking to rebel a little and did so through their dress. Like all teenagers before and since, they were looking to separate themselves from their parents. They did this by adopting a Neo- Edwardian style of dressing. There were a lot of drape jackets, "stovepipe" trousers and waistcoats for the fellas. The girls joined in with the drape jackets, pencil skirts and flats. Most had what was considered a masculine haircut. Its also said that Teddy Girls always carried a closed umbrella with them. Even though they never opened it when it rained.

Unfortunately there is very little information out there on Teddy Girls. Most of the information you will find will be on their male counterparts. But I am drawn to these young ladies for some reason. You can tell that there is a story behind the girls in the photos. They are beautiful and even a little Gothic. Honey is going to lean towards more of a Teddy Boy/Girl look for Viva and I'm totally all for it! These kids had a great look.

These photos from the Ken Russell project "The Last Of the Teddy Girls". They are very haunting photos that I totally adore. If you haven't seen them before...enjoy! If you have... enjoy them all over again!!!

How great are these girls?! Totally kick ass and I love everything about it!

If you are interested here is website with a lot of great information and pics of Teddy Boys (like the fact that they made those Creeper shoes popular!!). They have a little information on the girls but it really will require a lot of Googling. And you will more than likely find the same pics I've posted. Here is a really good article that I did find.  If anyone comes across or knows anymore about Teddy Girls please share it with me!!

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Friday, March 1, 2013

My Viva Swimsuit Reveal! Viva Las Vegas COUNTDOWN!!! 28 Days To Go!


(drum roll please)... ... ... ...

And here it is! My latest Etsy score!

 Its a 1950's Abercrombie & Fitch swimsuit!

YAY!! I love it!! I think it suits me. Its so very girly. I adore it!

That's about as far as my post goes. HAHA! I just wanted to share with you guys because I love it so. I can hardly wait for it to arrive!!

Have a fabulous Friday!!
Oh. And happy first day of MARCH!!! (hold on, warmer weather is on the way!)

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