Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Summer Housewife

Well... I'm glad the lady in this photo is all smiles while doing dishes. I, on the other hand, have been doing household chores all day  and look more like:

Pouting all the way...

 Since Bunny and I had to cancel or flea market outing I decided that I should give my apartment some much needed lovin. My house is already in need of a mid-summer cleaning and it's not even summer yet. Honey and I have been incredibly busy the last few weeks so things are much more cluttered than usual. I just need one week to go through everything and put it all back in its place.

I mean its not "dirty". Honey has what I call a slight case of OCD. The apartment has to be a certain kind of clean at all times. Especially as far as the kitchen is concerned. But once you open certain closets...our dirty little secrets are revealed. SOOOOO much clutter. You would never know by just being in our home but open, say the living room closet, and you just may get a rouge lampshade on your head. I need to do a second spring clean. A early summer clean...

And I plan on it!!!

I'm going to have MUCH more time on my hands now that the dance season is winding down. With the exception of a new part time job as a shop girl at a vintage store (YES! I'll be working at a vintage store soon. More on that in a later post), I'll have a lot of free time. So there is no reason not to get it all done.

And of course I plan on doing it mid-century style!!!

Inspired by a series posts from Jen but never Jenn, I have decided to do my own version of her 50s Housewife Experiment. If you don't follow Jen or have not read her posts on the experiment, she did this super cute "experiment" a couple of years ago. She decided to take two weeks out of her life and live as much like a 1950's housewife that she could. That means she did EVERYTHING around the house. The cooking (complete with weird mid-century meals), cleaning, making her husband cocktails as soon as he got home...the whole nine. All while wearing a dress and heels!!!!

Her commentary on the subject is some of the wittiest blog writing I have read. I was literally laughing out loud and stopping to read Honey the funny bits!

While my writing won't be as funny as hers I plan on blogging the progress.

Yes, I know... My life is as far from an actual 50s housewife as you can get but the cooking, cleaning and taking care of Honey I do everyday anyway so lets see if I can do it the 50s way. We'll see how it goes.

I also have some fun posts coming up about different things we're doing this summer. So far I already have 3 vintage inspired events planned. One is the Liberty Belle Extravaganza at the top of the Empire Hotel here in NYC. The Extravaganza is a vintage 4th of July celebration. There are burlesque performances, live music, food and some of the best vintage fashion in NYC!!! I can't wait.

The second is actually on the 4th of July also. (Hmmm...I'm hoping to make both but that may be difficult) It is the 2nd Annual Rockabilly Night Market here in Brooklyn. Honey and I went last year and even though it rained it was a total blast. There are tons of vendors selling food, jewelry and vintage clothing. There was also a car show and live Rockabilly bands complete with a dance floor for the jivers!!

The other event is New York's annual A Midsummer Night's Swing!! I'm super excited for this because we always plan to go and never make it. Well, this time tickets are bought and paid for so it's official!
This event is a big one here in the city. It's a month long series of events where different live bands (mostly swing) play in an out door venue at Lincoln Center. There is a HUGE dance floor provided where you get a dance lesson before hand and unlimited dancing once the night officially starts. It always looks like so much fun!!! And this year Honey and I get to join in on it!! YAY!

So those are my summer plans so far. I just have to get all of my ballerinas out of the way and I'm home free to have the best vintage summer ever!!!!

2 more weeks!!! I can make it!


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  1. Congrats on the new job at a vintage shop! Boy how I wish I could leave the office world and get to surround myself with vintage for a living. Perhaps some day ;-) Have a blast at all of your summer events!

  2. Sounds like you have a full summer planned!

  3. Whoot! Two more wks!! You can do it! So sorry again-lil bunny girl is still on the mend-its drag for us both when she is sick LOL All three events sound uber fab!! Cannot wait for pics! xox

  4. What a fun, exciting summer you have in the works! You know, I really don't mind most domestic tasks, in fact I downright enjoy some of them (I find the methodicalness of cleaning to be a good stress reliever) - but I'm sure having modern day appliances and cleaning supplies to work with certainly helps make that statement possible. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  5. I really wanted to go to the Lincoln Center event. I love the Hot Sardines. How much fun is this event going to be? It sounds like you've got some great things planned!


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