Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mid Century Housewife Day 5: Saturday...A Housewives Day Off...Well, Sort of...

Today's post is going to be super short because this Mid Century Housewife is taking the project on the town!!!

Honey has family in town from North Carolina this weekend so we are off to the in-laws. Sigh...this is both a joy and a pain in the you know what. Mothers in law have a history of being...well, mothers in law and no one can do anything as well as them. Especially YOU!!! But they mean well (most of the time), so we love anyway. Besides, making nice with the mother of your spouse is always a good thing for your marriage.

Then after that, we come home to change and then it's off to a party to celebrate NYC's LGBT Pride weekend!

No, it's not very vintage but I'll be dressed in my vintage best for the in-laws and my pin up best for the Pride party. I'll try to get some pics to do an outfit post to go along with tomorrow's post.

Now... on to Yesterday

Yesterday (Saturday) was day 5 of the project. Wow, has it been 5 days already? Time definitely does fly when your having fun, or doing dishes, or sweeping the floor.

On my daily housewife SCHEDULE Saturday doesn't have any special cleaning assignments. Just the normal daily tidying, cooking and meal planning for the upcoming week. I did the tidying but since I did the meal planning yesterday I had extra time to wash my hair and give myself some much needed pampering. I don't see when these ladies had anytime for themselves. There is so much to do in one day. Especially if you have children. But I have to admit. The more I clean and dust the easier it gets because I don't leave anything until it piles up. Doing tiny bits of cleaning is MUCH easier and faster than letting it build and doing one big clean. Honey keeps commenting on how clean everything is. That must mean I'm doing something right.

Anyway, I cooked dinner which was breaded pork chops. This recipe was tasty too. I think I'm going to keep it to make it again.

Super simple recipe and super yummy. It says to make a sauce to simmer the chops in. I just made a gravy and let them simmer in that. They also didn't take as long as it said. I almost left them to long. As you can see, some of the breading came off.

Dessert was left over cupcakes and whipped cream from last night.

Later I set my hair in my go to set.

Then it was off to bed. I'll try to get some outfit photos in and share with you tomorrow.

Until then,


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  1. It is difficult being a mid century housewife! I don't know how you do it? I took a year off from work when my youngest child was born and did the whole housewife thing including making some of our clothes and I thought I would lose my mind. I collapsed exhausted into bed every night. I think of my grandmother and how she did it all and kept a beautiful rosé garden and always looked chic. You have my sincere admiration! Happy LGBT Pride weekend!

  2. Hi lovely LaToya, I nominated you for a Liebster, you can click back to my blog if you are interested:) Having a lot of fun reading your domestic journey!

  3. Totally understand the mother in law comment! Mother in laws are just so....mother in law-y, right???


  4. Excellent hair set article, thank you!

  5. Yummers! All of the vintage recipes you've been posting have set my tummy a rumbling with each new post. I often cook from my vintage cookbooks (altering recipes at times so that they're easier/safer for me to eat) and have found some of my all-time favourite recipes amongst the pages of 1930s-50s cookery books and booklets.

    ♥ Jessica


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