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Vintage Christmas Prep: 59 Days to Go!! Wrapping and Recipes!!


Happy end of October to you all!

Yes, I know that we have a few more days of October but it's almost gone!!! Crazy, right?

Well, today's post is a late Vintage Christmas post. It should have been done a couple of days ago but life gets hectic sometimes.

Can you believe that there is only 59 days until Christmas??? That means only 8 weekends left to shop. Once the fall hits it comes up so quickly!

Well, today lets talk wrapping paper and more recipes!!


I've scoured the Internet trying to find decent, affordable vintage wrapping paper. I say affordable because some of the nice wrapping paper from the 1940's and 1950's can be as much as $20.00 for a SHEET. Not an entire roll, but a SHEET.

That works if you have a small family. Say just you and your partner/spouse but what if you want everybody in your family to feel the Vintage Christmas spirit?? That just won't do. So I've tried to find whole rolls to feature but it was difficult.

While I was searching I noticed that wrapping paper has actually changed quite a bit. I was expecting not to find much difference in it but...I did. First of all today's wrapping paper is not as...ummm..."Christmasy"! The colors are more vibrant these days but the images on the paper of the 40s and 50s just seem to scream Christmas. The patterns are not as busy as ones you find today. When I shop for wrapping paper I always gravitate to the paper that is the more simple. Simple patterns. Simple color palate. Yes, I go through all of that. Some will probably think me silly but, as we all know, I take Christmas very seriously!

There is also a trend of glitter on the wrapping paper. While very pretty and jolly...the darned stuff gets EVERYWHERE! UGH!

 (Sidnote: This reminds me of last year's Viva Las Vegas Burlesque Showcase. The MC had a whole monologue about glitter being like an STD that is impossible to get rid of. Totally inappropriate I know but SUPER funny and kinda true. Once you've been glitterized it's there FOREVER. Take it from this performer whose been in and handled more than her share of glittery costumes. You can take the costume off in May and still find traces of glitter in December!)

To me less is more when it comes to decorating for the holidays in general. And if you are going to go overboard keep parts simple so as not to have your home looking like an Elf had a rave party in your place!!!!!

Ok, back on subject

Of course the place I found the most options was Ebay. Ebay seemed to have more actual rolls of paper. Here are some of my favorites.


This paper totally gives a feeling of Christmases past. I love the simplicity of it

I always adore a Victorian style Christmas anything!

How cute is this Snowman couple!?!

Not sure if I would actually use this one but the Scotty dog on it is too cute.


Pin Up girls on wrapping paper?? Ummm...ok...

This one really gives you the feel of the more colorful Christmases of the 1950s

Vintage Monroe CHRISTMAS Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper - CANDY CANES - 1950s

I LOVE this super cute Atomic paper. It's not usually the look I would go for but it would be cute to a gift that is going to someone.  I'm almost positive it wouldn't match my home decor for the season. But I would definitely use it for someone else!

Vintage Gibson ATOMIC Christmas Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper Colorful Snowflakes - 1950s

How jolly is this Santa paper?

Vintage DeLuxe Mid-Century CHRISTMAS Gift Wrap - Wrapping Paper - SANTA Checking His List - 1950s

This would be perfect for those of you with little one!

Vintage Monroe CHRISTMAS Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper - Mid-Century SANTA and REINDEER - 1950s

Now on to RECIPES!!!

A few weeks ago I bought a gaggle of vintage magazines from the month of December. I thought I would share one of them with you...

The first ones I bought were a Better Homes and Gardens from December 1947 and a Woman's Day from December 1945.

The Woman's Day was full to the brim of great holiday baking recipes. So here they are. Let me know if you try any of them. I sure am...

P.S. Please forgive the picture quality. I couldn't scan them because they are so fragile I was afraid to manipulate them too much on the scanner. So I used my camera. You should still be able to follow the recipes with no problem...

Well, that's all for now. I did just order my first vintage tree ornaments the other day!!! As soon as I get them I'll be sure to put them up for show and tell.

Now...It's time for you guys to hop to it and start your preparations!!!!!!

Have a magical day!!!

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  1. Love that Scotty dog wrapping paper. Super cute!

  2. Your love of Christmas, and zeal for which you talk about it, is so fabulously lovely to see! I swear, this post put me more in the mood for the holidays to return than I'd been feeling before I read it, and now I can't wait to start wrapping, baking, sending cards, dusting off the Christmas decorations, playing holiday records and the whole awesomely festive shebang! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Those Christmas wrapping papers are so cute, my faves are the pinups and the scotty dog and the snowman couple. I am feeling the holiday spirit!!!

  4. This is the best blog!


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