Saturday, October 26, 2013

10 Random Things That You Don't Know About Mid Century Pink

Hello Beauties!!

So today's post is not vintage related in the least. I'm working on a Vintage Christmas post for tomorrow but I thought this would be good to do before I put that one up.

About a month ago, the ever lovely Jessica from Chronically Vintage nominated me for "Inspiring Blogger" Award!!!!

I'm uber late accepting and posting the award but better late than Since I am so late I'm not going to post other bloggers to pass the award on to (most of the blogs I follow are already nominated or have already been nominated for countless other awards) but I wanted to at least list my facts.

So here we go...  I was asked to list random facts about myself. I love this because it gives me a reason to share with you all a little bit more about myself. I really am an open book so I don't mind sharing with you. I'm sorry that 2 of my facts are a little on the depressing side but I think it's important for people to know your struggles as well as your successes. If I can help someone realize that they are not alone then I'm happy... I'll start with the more serious ones first. Then finish with the silly!!!

10 Random Facts About Mid Century Pink (aka LaToya)

1. I suffered from depression most of my teen age years- 
Many of my friends who knew me back then as well as most of my family (including my parents) will be totally taken by surprise by this. I was never examined and deemed "clinically depressed" but now that I'm older I recognize all of the symptoms in myself back then. I would just chock it up to teen angst but teens with normal brain development don't lock themselves in their bathrooms, sobbing with a bottle of pills, debating on what to do with them...on a daily basis.

 I had a lot of self esteem and self worth issues and I'm not totally sure where they came from. Maybe my parents struggling marriage at the time. I had THE BEST parents a kid could hope for...they just weren't good for each other. And it affected me. Not to mention knowing that I was gay and not being able to tell anyone for fear of not being accepted in my southern baptist community. Then...being a ballet dancer and constantly being judged by how much I weighed and how good I was certainly added to a toxic situation...

which leads me to

2. I struggled with anorexia for a while- This was TOTALLY attributed to my dance career and moving to NYC and dancing along side the countries best dancers. I always thought of my weight before but I didn't realize how bad it was getting until I was down to 1,000 calories a day (sometimes less) while having an 8+ hour dance day. 

 After a while I realized that between my depression and this that I was not in a good place. I finally just had had enough of being sad and hungry. I started eating (kind of) again and I made amazing friends where I was dancing and started to eventually feel better about myself. I actually disguised my not eating by calling myself "vegetarian" so even they didn't know. Eventually I put that all behind be. I did it without counseling. Others are not so lucky.

I still struggle with weight and self worth issues but not like before. Daily meditation and intentional positive thoughts,  as well as an amazing life partner have gotten me through some rough patches. These days I'm happier and healthier than I was in my early 20's! Plus, I'm able to be myself with the person I've chosen to be my spouse! So life is FANTASTIC! 

I wrote all of this to say that if you are going through a rough time...IT GETS BETTER! Life is amazing if you live it on your own terms!!!! It can be complete magic!!

Now on to the silly

 3. I absolutely LOVE 1990's R&B and Pop music- Like LOVE!!!! I don't really listen to much else.  I think this comes from the above issues I had and the healing effect music has. Music got me through a lot back then. When I hear songs from the 1990's I get a warm fuzzy feeling and it usually ends with me in happy tears. Yes, I'm a sap that way. For sure TLC's Crazy Sexy Cool album the songs  Unpretty and Waterfalls and Janet Jackson's ENTIRE Velvet Rope album kept me sane when I thought I couldn't make it. But others like Alanis Morissette and No Doubt (plus countless more that I won't bore you with) also helped keep my feet firmly planted!

I wish artists now-a-days thought I about this more when making music. These songs are the ones that the teens of this generation are relying on to see them through adolescence. Songs with a message would be a good thing.

4. I have a SUPER DUPER girl crush on Janet Jackson and Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins of TLC-STILL... to this day!!! I have for as long as I remember. At least since I was around 8 years old! If I hadn't met my Honey I would probably still be fangirling and following everything Janet does. Honey and totally clicked when we learned that we were both "Jan Fans". AND... I've been to about 3 meet and greets for her and every time I get even close to her I start...CRYING!! Like ugly crying!!! BAWLING and making a fool of myself!!! It's really terrible!!
If you friend me on Facebook you can see a photo album of about 100 Janet pictures... 

The crush on T-Boz has been since I was a teenager... Ugh! She's just one of the coolest women EVER!!!! Just the way she carries herself and everything she's gone through in life battling Sickle Cell Disease and a brain tumor.  She's a super woman to me!!! I'm completely in awe of her!

5. I have an uncanny knack for remembering lyrics to entire songs after hearing them only once.-It really is a weird talent. As soon as I hear a song...if I hear the entire song...I will probably be able to sing about 80% of the song back to you. By the third time, I know the whole thing! Weird but true! It is especially weird since I'm not a singer...(shrug)

6. I swear like a sailor!!- YES!! I, LaToya, have the worst potty mouth. Luckily I have learned to control it (I do teach baby ballerinas ya know), but it's bad... And while I know it's not lady like I can't help it! Especially when I'm annoyed. It just makes me feel better. Don't judge me!!!!

7. I am completely and deathly afraid of ants!!!!-Yes...ANTS!!!!!!!!!!! (shudder) The fear comes from stepping in an ant bed and not realizing it when I was 6 years old. In seconds I was covered in ants from top to bottom. They were EVERYWHERE!!! In my ears, my clothes...EVERYWHERE!! Luckily I'm not allergic to much so I was ok, just shaken up. But I've never forgotten the terrifying feeling I had and now... well... let's just say that even one ant freaks me out! Oh great... now I'm all itchy!!

8. I have a chipped front tooth- Well, it's covered with a porcelain cap now but my front tooth is indeed chipped!! It happened during an unfortunate hide and seek game when I was a kid. It was getting dark outside and the "base" was a basketball pole. Well, I didn't see the pole when I was running to it and BAM!!! Face plant into the pole!!! When I recovered, I discovered that the bottom of my tooth was completely gone!!! Needless to say a freak our ensued. It's still a fond memory from childhood. It hurt to BEJESUS but it makes me giggle now!

9. I have a BEAUTIFUL mixed race family- I am lucky enough to have multiple races represented in my extended family!!! It's a beautiful thing to see so many skin complexions in family pictures. Many of my family members were able to not let race determine who they want to spend their life with! On both sides of the family! Even my nephew just married a beautiful Japanese woman that he met while stationed in Japan! Their expecting a baby boy in the spring! Such a proud Aunt!!!

10. I can't drive...and don't really want to learn to- This one speaks for itself. I just have no desire to drive. I know that I will eventually have to get a license, especially when we move out of NYC but right now I'm fine. It stresses me out just thinking about having to drive!

So that's all folks! I hope this gave you a little insight into my life and where I come from. I didn't include anything vintage related purposefully. I feel like you know about that part of my life. I just wanted to open up to you a little more.

Hope you enjoyed me rambling on about myself.

I promise that that Christmas post will be up tomorrow!

Until then!!

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  1. I absolutely love this, and love you!! So proud of you

    1. Awwww...Thanks Lulu!!! I love you too! Besties for EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is really interesting how you can learn songs so fast. Maybe being a broadway star is in your future:) I'm glad you got over your depression and have found happiness:)

    1. HA!!! I wish Broadway was in my future!! While I can hold a decent tune. Enough not to get weird looks, I am definitely not a singer. Singing runs in my family though so perhaps that is where it comes from.

  3. Beautiful post! I need working on mine.

  4. I adore you. But you know that already. I love how open your family is and the family photos must be a vision of colors-I just love that. Thank you for your candor. Lots of hugs mama-D xox

  5. The fact that you swear like a sailor made me laugh! This is a great post, it was brave and inspiring of you to discuss difficult personal issues. I am pleased that you did.

    1. HEHE!!! UGH! Its soooo bad but sooooo true!!!!!! I have to admit that I must enjoy my bad language just a little or else I would just stop, right?!?!! hehe

  6. You are such an inspiring, tremendously lovely person, La Toya, thank you for speaking so candidly about two of the biggest challenges you've ever faced. I can't help but feel touched that you opted to do so in the post for a blog award that I tapped you for (thank you very much for the shout out). I could not agree with you more when it comes to the importance, liberation, and joy that comes with living life on your own terms (at least as much as circumstances beyond your control will permit). I have been actively working on doing just that for a few years now, and must say, I've grown and changed (for the better), become braver, less judgmental of and harsh on myself, less stressed, and numerous other wholly positive things because of it.

    It was a joy to learn more about you and also to discover that you and my fella share a real knack for memorizing song lyrics.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks so much, hun! I do try to be open. It helps others I think. I know I appreciate it when other blogs are open to share about the not so glamorous part of themselves. Like you do about your illnesses.

      Funny that your guy and I have that talent. We could be a duo!!!! hahaha!

  7. Wow, I really enjoyed reading this post, LaToya! Thanks for opening up and sharing all these facts about yourself. I must admit that one of the things I really enjoy about your blog is how much your personality comes through, and how I can imagine you saying the words as I am reading them. I think it's really admirable that you talk about your depression and anorexia, as it must be hard to put it out there like that, but I am sure it really helps others who are suffering with similar feelings.

    I toooootally feel exactly the same way about the driving one!!!! I have never learnt to drive, and whilst I wish I had the skill, I am quite scared of learning!!!

    1. Thank you so much, dear!!! I think I'm still trying to find my voice in this blogger world but I think I like the conversational tone better. Its much more me. xo

  8. I also loved this post - there are certainly a number of things I can identify with, ESPECIALLY swearing like a sailor. Despite my best efforts to be prim and proper, I'm still a farm girl with a potty mouth at heart! :D

  9. I just discovered your blog and I think you are adorable! :) Can't wait to read more.


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