Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Vivien Leigh!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!

Did anyone else realize that today would have been the beautiful Vivien Leigh's 100th birthday!!

How much do you love her?! and this baby photo!!! Don't we all wish our baby pics were this sweet and adorable?

She was so extremely beautiful and talented. I'm sure we all have a movie that we liked her the most in. For me I'm torn between her two "Southern Belle" characters Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With the Wind (which is also my favorite movie and book of all time) and Blanche Dubois from A Streetcar Named Desire. I guess these are going to be most people's favorites though, huh?

My two favorite things about this scene was (of course) the dress that Rhett made her wear and...THAT EYEBROW!!!!!! That is the BEST brow raise I've ever seen on film!!

I always loved the fact that she was British and could play a rich girl from the south like none other.

(with husband, Laurence Olivier)

I've known about Vivien Leigh for as long as I can remember and always sympathized immensely with her struggle with bipolar disorder. It is said that she would go days at a time in an almost "mad" state,  being rude, petulant and sometimes violent and hysterical. Then as quickly as she became that way she would be back to her normal self. A school mate of hers once said that she had extreme highs and lows, almost to the point of dual personalities.  It seems to be that the most talented people in the world are the most tortured.

Even with all of this, it is said that when she was having a good run of days that she was a beautiful, kind hearted person who hated flying but LOVED dancing and smoking!!!

There is this biography that I really want and am hoping to get for Christmas!!! It looks fascinating!

So... Here's to you Vivien Leigh on your 100th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. She is fantastic. I love her cold icy stare as Scarlett. Her eyes are so crisp and clear. She was a true talent and a true beauty!

  2. I think she was just the most beautiful woman. I love Gone with the Wind.

  3. Gorgeous post and tribute to one of Golden Hollywood's very finest ladies. I love Vivien - she had such poise, charisma, talent and beauty. It's impossible not to take a style cue from her sometimes.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I love Vivien, she is such a beauty. You found some truly wonderful pictures! I am in love with her baby picture!!!

    Hellcat Vintage

  5. I saw this around Facebook. Absolutely gorgeous though I haven't seen any of her movies (don't hit me, please) not even Gone with the Wind.


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