Thursday, September 5, 2013

Midcentury Pink's Summer in Review

Well, we're already 4 days into September! Where did the summer go?!? It really did go by really fast. But as you all know, I've been super excited to get the summer over and jump head first into fall. With autumn not officially starting until the 22nd of the this month, I'm well aware that it is technically still summer but I'm already in a fall kind of mood.

The kids are all starting to return to the classroom in the NYC area and I'm finishing up the last of my summer ballet classes this week. Monday marks the official start of the 2013-2014 dance school season for me. I can't wait! I'm hoping this dance season goes better than last. I was so tired and burnt out and didn't feel creative at all. I felt like I was just scraping by and didn't feel like I was being the best ballet teacher that I could have been for my students. My end of the year dances came out great and my bosses LOVED them but I wasn't happy with all of them. So...I'm well rested and ready to take the year by the horns!!!

With the end of the summer staring us in the face,  I wanted to take stock of the last couple of months. Personally, I didn't do nearly as many fun things as I wanted to do. With me working less, our monthly income was slightly lower so all of the fabulous things I wanted to buy and do had to wait until the end of the summer. I even just realized that I didn't do ANY outfit posts this summer!!! How is that possible??? Well, I never really went anywhere so fun or fancy that I thought a outfit post was in order. Sure, I went out and did things in my vintage but...taking photos of it was really the last thing on my mind. And the BIG thing I wanted to take pictures of, A Midsummer Night's Swing, got totally rained out the day we were supposed to go! I'm talking thunderstorm!  WHOOMP!!! The rest of my days were spent at home in day dresses or in the dance studio in leotards and tights. So...really, fashion was kind of boring for me this summer. Which was kind of a disappointment. Mostly, everything I bought were vintage wardrobe staples and not terribly fascinating...but at least I have them. So now, the wardrobe is starting to fill out. That makes me happy and excited!

But, I was able to get plenty of fun posts this summer. Even without the fashion. Which I'm actually super proud about! When I first started the blog I wanted to chronicle my vintage fashion journey but it has molded into something more than what I thought it would. I have discovered that I LOVE to research random things in history that happen to spark my interest. And it seems like everyone else likes those posts too. They really are some of my most read, so be expecting a lot more of those! I'm excited because I get to marry all of that information with my striving to be a "vintage girl" in modern NYC! FUN!!!

One thing I was excited about was the Housewife series I started. Goodness, that was so much fun. I got to live as a 1950s (or as close as I could get to the 50s) Housewife for 12 days. It was definitely an interesting process. It was weird to be home most of the day shopping...doing laundry... all of of the other millions of things that were on that housewife list. In the end I had to admit that I enjoyed it much more than I though I would. I really think I would be content to stay home and take care of my family when the time comes. I definitely had a since of accomplishment at the end of the whole project. The series will continue with other posts related to things of the "housewifery" (I think I just made up a word) nature.  Not all of them will be of me doing housewife things but they will be related to my quest for vintage domestic perfection.

My favorite history post of the summer was Growing up Strong on PET Milk.This post was about the Fultz quadruplets who were the poster children for PET milk in the 50s.  It was a story that I had never heard before and I'm not sure why! It's a great (but sad) tidbit of American history that should be told. I'm sure there are quite a few stories just like this one that have yet to be made public. It would be quite interesting to find them and research them.

My second favorite history post came just a few days ago. Black and White... was simply a photo post but it seemed to spark a lot of interest. Not only among you guys, my sisters in vintage, but with my family and friends. I even had a childhood friend comment on the post and share a great story about her mother seeing a black woman in a public restroom for the first time. And in our hometown! The post really resonated with people and I'm beyond proud of it!

Some of other favorite posts of the summer were:

Visions of 1950s Coats Dancing in My Head

A Cape Cod Home to Call Our Own: Window Shopping

Vali Myers: Painted Lady


Vintage Christmas Prep: 5 Months Til Christmas

Vintage Christmas Prep: 4 Months Til Christmas

So there you have it. The blogs summer in a nutshell. Although a mostly uneventful summer, I have to say it was a good one. I'll take a nice relaxing, relatively cool, summer break over a stressful, busy, hot one any day!!!

So, I bid adieu to the summer and welcome my absolute favorite part of the year with a new dress!!! YAY!!! Fall really inspires my wardrobe choices which makes me want to shop, Shop, SHOP!!!! Hurry up cool weather!!!!! I'm starting to become impatient!

How did your summer turn out?????


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  1. I loved all your posts! I cannot believe it is Sept already-whoa! Cannot wait for our playdate-vintage, pumpkins, and three crazy kids hehe xox

  2. Summer whizzed by didn't it? I hope you are able to do more outfit posts in the fall.

  3. This summer didn't play out exactly how I'd envision when it began either (I swear, starting out with a partially flooded basement was an omen of what the rest of the season had in store for us), but it wasn't all bad or troublesome at all. Several good points, such as the annual classic car show, a day trip to the nearby town of Vernon for a little vintage jewelry shopping, and mine and Tony's birthdays were all highlights that helped ensure lots of smiles and fun were had.

    Thank you so much for blogging about my delightful Blue Rose Vintage hat giveaway, darling gal, I really appreciate it and wish you tons of luck!

    ♥ Jessica


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