Thursday, August 8, 2013

Visions of 50's Coats Dance in My Head

Yes...that's right! I'm coat shopping.

I'm not rushing summer along at all but it's cooled off significantly in the NYC area. I'm sure we have a few more sweltering days left but I'm feeling like the cool weather may come along sooner rather than later. Last year we had the first of our cool days shortly after the first week of Autumn.  The way the weather is looking now, I wouldn't be surprised if that happens again this year. By that time, winter wear will be in all the stores and online. Not to mention cool weather outerwear will be at some of it's highest prices. Even for us vintage lovers. So...why not start the hunt now and beat the rush. And the cold. I don't want the weather to sneak up on me. Especially since I need a new coat BADLY.  The one I have is 2 years old and while super cute (a princess coat, which I still love) is not vintage. I need something that is not going to clash with the rest of my wardrobe on days I decide to go totally vintage or vintage appropriate. Last year was the beginning of my style change. I wasn't ready to invest in a vintage coat until I knew for sure that I loved my new look as much as I felt like I did. And...I did...Now, I am in the (long) process of switching my wardrobe season by season, it's easier on the purse that way.  It went over quite well for the spring and summer, now it's on to fall and winter. Rome was not built in a day, so goes my vintage (and vintage inspired) wardrobe.

On to the coats!!!

I love the look of the fitted coat with a full skirted bottom. So that's what I think I'm aiming for. Something like the blue one here.

And this one is gorgeous!

How pretty is this one! Listed on Etsy by Dear Golden

I LOVE the color of this one from Hollie Point, although this is definitely not an "on my way to teach" type of coat. It has special occasion written all over it!

I also like the look of some of the more roomier, over sized coats. They look terribly warm, comfy and stylish.

How fashionable is this lady? The hat is a beauty too!


I think this one would be perfect for everyday wear.

So those are my general ideas as far as coats go. I'm brainstorming and window shopping right now but plan to purchase early to mid fall. More than likely early fall.

I also need to get shoes (yes, the dreaded shoes thing again), boots that I can wear when it snows and hats. Can you believe that I don't own one vintage hat yet?!?!?!? I don't know why but it never really crossed my mind until recently! Basically, I just need winter wardrobe help. I think I have most of the fall under control. I'm just nervous for ridiculous cold winters we normally have. I want to be prepared so that I don't have to worry about it later.

I know some fellow bloggers have started posts on cooler weather clothes. I also know there is plenty of posts out there from years past with some great advice on vintage winter. If you know of any, send them my way!!!

Hope you all are having a fabulous August 8th!!!!

Until next time


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  1. Gorgeous gorgeous coats. I love the one with a fuller skirt. It gives you the right silhouette.

  2. I live in Southern California so summer has only just begun for us and yet I too am longing to buy a winter coat! Looks like you found some lovely choices.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  3. Of course, I just love Lilli Ann coats and you can't go wrong with these. One thing I would recommend thinking about is sleeve length. You don't think about it until you actually get the coat. For the later part of the 50's they had the shorter sleeve to them. I personally like a longer sleeve and a princess coat is the ultimate! I bought a Lilli Ann swing coat but I think it has way too much swing for me. I think I'd prefer to just stay with princess coats. I think this is what a lot of other people think as they are hard to find:)

  4. I love both in the first ad - the brown one would be great for those 'blah' days when tummy muscles refuse to work. And if only they were still $29. I wish I had a time machine some days.

  5. I've started the hunt for a vintage winter coat too! And I'm looking for something similar - either 40s or 50s but with a fitted waist which then flares out. I do own 2 winter coats (plus 2 fur coats but they don't work with my below-the-knee length dresses!) but I really want a black one. It's hard buying vintage coats online because they all seem to be pretty big so I'm hoping I'll find one at a fair or shop soon!

    Good luck with finding the rest of your vintage winter wardrobe (I know how difficult winter shoes can be!)

  6. Wise lady! It's never too soon to get a jump on (future) seasonal dressing. A good vintage winter coat that doesn't break the bank isn't the easiest thing to find at anytime of the year, but I speak from experience when I say that summer really does offer far more potential there than any of the other seasons.

    Best of luck in finding your dream winter coat (and boots), honey!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Great minds think alike. Been working on my fall/winter wardrobe all summer. Next on the list is coats too. I wish I could try them on though. My only concern :9 xox

  8. it cooled down here in berlin as well. sooner o later i have to get my winter wardrobe out of storage (aaaargh, 7 hours far from here).
    good 50s coat are hard to get. i luckily own one but it's a little bit too short, so the longer flared skirts show off a little bit. i dream about the perfect 50s coat ... may be it could look like the ones from the first image.


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