Sunday, September 29, 2013

Zooey Deschanel...My Vintage- Meets- Modern Style Icon

Hi Lovies!!!

Now that Autumn is back in full swing, I've been slowly becoming re-addicted to my favorite TV shows!!! Most television series are having their season premiers in the next few weeks. I can't tell you how excited I am for Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story...Grey's Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother and Parenthood (all three of these had their first shows of the season this past week), Modern Family and more!!! As you can see we have a full DVR queue!!!

One of my favorite shows of all time is New Girl staring Zooey Deschanel!!!! I totally adore this show! It is ridiculously funny, the writing is amazing!!! And the cast...LOVE THEM! They are HILARIOUS!!!!!

Of course my favorite characters is Jess, played by one of my favorite celebrities, Zooey Deschanel! Jess is an awkward, quirky but totally awesome, late 20s to early 30s something who lives in a loft with three guys. All of whom are like her family. Of course there are epically funny adventures that ensue in every episode. Some scenarios are so totally ridiculous and out there that I practically pee myself with laughter (yes, I know that that is TOTALLY not lady like but it's so true)!

I love Zooey in this role. I secretly hope that she is a lot like Jess in her real life. I love the fact that her character on the show carries on Zooey's real life love affair with vintage and vintage style clothing!

Zooey is great at pulling off a "vintage meets modern" style. While I mostly prefer full on vintage clothing I love the way she makes vintage style clothing work for her. It gives me ideas on how I can wear clothes with a vintage-y edge without going all the way. Some days it's just easier to give a taste of vintage. On those days I channel my inner Zooey.

She is always super adorable!!!

I would TOTALLY love to be her bestie... and in my mind... I AM!

I first became a fan of Zooey's when she did the Christmas film, ELF, with Will Farrell. Yes, of course, I loved her first because of a Christmas movie, hehe!

And I've remained a fan ever since. I also love the music duo she is apart of called She & Him. They make super cute old school sounding tunes. They're music is great to relax to with a good glass of wine and your favorite book.

And... If you are looking for a super cute blog/website to read that is fun and full of girl power try the website Hello Giggles founded by Zooey and two of her friends. It's a cute little site that features a host of different bloggers who write about everything from politics to relationships to off the wall DIY projects!!! It's one of my favorite things to read when I need a little pick me up. 

One of my favorite things about Zooey Deschanel I found out about while randomly browsing TV and coming upon the show Who Do You Think You Are?. This show takes different celebrities and delves into their family history and finds out their ancestry. Well, on the show about her family she came to find out that her family has a Quaker ancestry and two of her ancestors were vital to the abolitionist movement and were part of the Underground Railroad! It was quite and interesting show and made me love her even more. If you come upon a repeat episode of it you should watch it!!!

Ok, I think I'm done fan girling for the day! I just love celebrities who have great vintage style. Who are your favorite celebrities who wear vintage???

Hearts and hugs

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  1. She is awesome-fans of both her and her sister. They are both adorable! xox

  2. I love Zooey as well! Totally envious of her hair! I first saw her in Almost Famous and thought she looked amazing in that movie.

    As I live in the UK, we've only just finished season 2 of New Girl here so going to have to wait until next year before I see season 3 :(

  3. Great post, honey! I love that you have a vintage + modern style icon (who isn't, awesome as she is of course, Dita - it's nice to see some variety on that front). There isn't much in Zooey's wardrobe I wouldn't sport either, and lol, we already seem to have pretty similar bangs, so maybe I've been taking a bit of a styling cue from her subconsciously for quite some time now. :)

    ♥ Jessica


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