Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All About Marlene... My Latest Style Obsession

I have a new obsession... I don't know why it's suddenly come up but it's there...

I'm totally obsessed with Marlene Dietrich!

And why wouldn't I be? She is the epitome of old Hollywood glam!

Marlene was born Maria Magdelene Dietrich in 1901 in Germany. When she was a child she put her first and middle names together to come up with the name Marlene.

She began her stage career as a chorus girl on the vaudeville circuit. She began to do small roles on stage and screen with her debut screen appearance in 1922. She had her first breakthrough movie roll in 1929 as Lola-Lola in "The Blue Angel". She played a cabaret singer who turns a professor's life upside down when he falls in love with her. The movie contains her signature song "Falling in Love Again".

She went on to make many movies including "Morocco" and "Shanghi Express". She defined the image of the Femme Fatale in her movies. Most of her movies had a strong sexual overtone for the time when they were released. She was sexual and unapologetic about it.

Her since of style was impeccable. She pushed the envelope between feminine and masculine. She looked amazing in pants suits and tuxedos.The film "Morocco" is the film where she famously donned a tuxedo and sang to and kissed another women.  This has made her an icon in the lesbian community (that and the fact that she supposedly took male AND female lovers in her lifetime). I've only seen the film in it's entirety once but I think I've found a link for it on youtube! I can't wait to see it again.

Here is a clip of the song!  It's totally hot for it's time! The film also earned her an Oscar nomination.

She looks incredible and you can't help but  to crush on her a little. Whether you are man or woman. I love that about her!  She proved that a woman could be appealing in a dress as well as in what was mostly considered men's wear at the time.

I'm totally thinking of getting Honey in a Marlene look for an event soon. She says she loves the look so I'm already on the hunt for 1930's style clothing for her! Can't wait!!! I'm reeling her in guys!!! Slowly but surely!

Here is the inspiration for her outfit.

How ridiculously fabulous is that!!!!!! I could go on and on posting photos of her. There are hundreds of them. Each one more gorgeous than the next.

UGH!!! That FABULOUS 30's brow!!!! swoon!!!!

Whose vintage style are you currently obsessing over!!! It's usually Audrey for me but Marlene has captured my heart lately!

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  1. This is so funny that you are on a Marlena kick. I was just watching YouTube clips of her yesterday. There is a really long one with her daughter talking about her life. Her daughter was so well balanced and just lovely.

  2. God. I never know what to *say* about her. Because the words I'd usually use to describe my favorite actresses of Old Hollywood (say, fabulous, gorgeous, etc) definitely apply... and yet there's something ELSE I can never put my finger on.

    (If you haven't already read this...) You would love this article on her, the recap of Blonde Venus makes me cackle every time:

    (And really all of that series. A crazy smart, witty as f**k feminist writer discussing the dirt on Classic Hollywood? Yes please.)

    xo Sara

  3. Oh wow-I never saw that scene! She was an icon indeed! I have rd a bit about her life-very interested esp its said she was afraid of aging. Ohhh you two will look smashing for that event!! Yeah! xox

  4. I love Marlene. She really is so timeless and elegant.

    I'd have to say my current obsession is Ms. Miranda and Lauren Bacall.

  5. I think Honey will look great in a Marlene inspired outfit.

  6. wasn't she just fabulous and adorable?!

  7. I love those photos where she's looking up, gorgeous.

  8. Oh, I just love Marlene.. Not only her garçon style but also how she performed her songs.. Timelessly beautiful. Looking forward to see you in an Marlene inspired outfit :-)


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