Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Weekend a little Nikki Hill and A Splash of WWII

Okay. So maybe I'm being a bit dramatic. My Memorial Weekend wasn't too bad...but it wasn't the best.

For starters, Honey and I were supposed to go to NC for her annual family reunion. Well, we couldn't find a reliable baby... I mean puppy sitter so I had to stay behind. I insisted that she go because she hasn't seen her dad and little sister in, literally, 5 years. It didn't make sense for her to stay home too. I really thought it was important for her to see her little sister. But that also made me Honeyless for the holiday weekend.

So what did I do? I sulked. Well, Friday I did. I made a run to Target to get a bath mat and tablecloth. $50 later I went home. Why is it that you can NEVER leave Target with only the things you went in there for. You go in for batteries and come out with socks, mittens, Yankee Candle Co candles, a water hose and all sorts of other random things!!!!

Oops totally off subject now. Anyway once I got home  I ate snack food and veggie burgers and drank wine.  And I watched The Lucy Show (no, not I Love Lucy, but The Lucy Show. The show she made AFTER I Love Lucy. Its on HULU if you are interested).

Saturday night I got my butt in gear and went out with Jordan from Jordan's Vintage Kitchen! It was our very first time meeting. Boy am I glad she decided to move to NYC! She's like my new vintage soul sister! We have a lot in common and are both complete dorks! LOVE HER!!! Anyway, we went to see Nikki Hill perform at a tiki bar here called Otto's Shrunken Head.

 OMG!!! I'm SOOOOO glad I got to see her perform again! I first fell in love with her in Vegas at Viva. Now I have to admit I have a sort of lady crush on her. She's a sweetie and she is FABULOUS live! It was completely crowded and sweaty and AMAZING! It felt like we were at some back in the day speakeasy or juke joint. I...LOVED...EVERY...MINUET...OF...IT!!! I think Jordan had fun too! We were both head bobbing and swaying wishing we could jive! The night was an absolute blast!!! We had so much fun in fact that I forgot to get a picture with her! It's okay. We plan on getting together again soon.

Here is a clip of a small part of the set she did.

Sunday night was filled with more sulking and cramps...yes...that happened...Moving on.

So that leaves today. Memorial Day!

Well, I decided to go to the WWII exhibit at the NY Historical Society that Bunny from Bunny's Victory blogged about in this post.

It really was a great exhibit! The  NY Historical Society did a thorough job of documenting NYC's roll in the war effort. It was filled with little tidbits of info and fabulous photographs. There was a little movie theater in the middle of it where they showed one man's war experience that he had documented in home movies.

There was one wall with a touching letter from a solider to his fiance telling her how much he loved her and how determined he was to come home to her. As you read further down you found out that the poor solider actually died in combat and was never able to see his bride to be again.

Then there was a painting as you exited the exhibit that totally made me tear up. It was a painting of NYC celebrating the end of the war. Above it was written the word PEACE. UGH! I'm totally not doing it justice but I couldn't take any pics because of museum rules. Bummer. But this was the perfect way to spend Memorial Day.

I stopped at the Museum store and picked up a copy of the exhibit's companion book and another really cool book called "Double Victory...How African American Women Broke Race and Gender Barriers to Help Win WWII"

 The companion book WWII & NYC is the perfect book to go along with the exhibit.  It literally walks you through everything you saw at the Historical Society. Here are some photos from the book...

The other book, "Double Victory" is about the role of African American women during the war. I'm only a few pages in but so far it's a great read. I wish I would have had this book when I did THIS post on the same subject. Here is a peek.

I also got some (not so great) pictures of my outfit today. It felt totally springy out so I wore a totally springy outfit. It was the perfect outfit for the weather we were having. I got tons of compliments all day! Sorry the pics aren't the best quality. Like I said, I'm by myself this weekend so these were done with the timer in our bedroom. And the lighting stinks but you can get the gist of the outfit.

I just wore a simple vintage gingham skirt with a crinoline and a white cardigan I picked up at Marshall's the other day.

Here is a camera phone pic of the hair and makeup...again, sorry for the sucky quality.

And that, my friends, was my weekend. Now that it's all said and done I guess it wasn't too shabby after all. Now I'm sitting here eating Keebler Fudge Sticks and waiting for Honey to call and say she's close!! Geez, I need her to get here soon. My snacking has been out of control!!!!

Happy Memorial Day!


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  1. Sweet outfit! So pretty! So glad you and Jordan had such a great time! Yeah! Thanks for the shout out-so happy you got the chance to see it all before they closed! I hope they have more of that stuff here in NY soon, dont you? xox

    1. Definitely! Its hard to believe that we don't have more!!

  2. What a darling gingham skirt! I have a 1950s wiggle-esque (it's not tight to the point that I'd fully call it wiggle) dress in a very similar gingham. Your lovely outfit reminds me its time to bring it out into the (glorious sun) light of day once more now that we're almost into May.

    Fingers crossed that the last week of May goes much more enjoyably for you thank this weekend did, honey.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. OH! I would love to see your dress!!! PICS PLEASE!

  3. Well, it sounds like despite missing your Honey, you still managed to have a great weekend, packed full of fun and interesting things to do! I know exactly what you mean about Target - whenever I visit the USA, Target and Walgreens are the places where I go to browse, and end up buying a whole load of things that I never knew I needed! Hahahah! :) So great that you got to meet up with Jordan - I also got to meet up with a whole bunch of vintage bloggers yesterday!

    1. I saw your picture!! Looks like it was fun! Ugh! I hope I get a chance to visit the UK soon!!! If I do, you have to show me around one day!

  4. How fun to get to see Nikki Hill at Otto's Shrunken Head! I have not been to NYC in a long time but when I last went we stopped into Otto's and loved it. I must make it back some day!

  5. To answer your first question, because Target has great stockers. They really understand how to sell.

    I'm a bit jealous you got to see Nikki Hill again (and so soon!).

    Thanks for making me sad... that poor fiance. I bet she was devastated.

    I do love that picture of the girl sitting in the plane (?) in her work outfit and snood as well as the couple with the lady crying.

    I like that shade of blue on you. Blue maybe your color LT!

    1. HAHA! yes, Target really does know how to sell!!! They suck me in EVERY time!


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