Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tender Comrade...

Have you seen this movie?????

Oh, gosh! I hope you have!! It's such a good movie!!

Ok, maybe it isn't a GREAT movie, but if you love Ginger Rogers (who doesn't?),  movies about WWII (who doesn't?),  and  movies about the women of WWII (umm... don't we all?)  then you'll love this!

"Tender Comrade" (1943) is about Jo Jones (Ginger Rogers) who works at an airplane factory while her husband is off at war. She and her 3 co-workers, whose husbands are also away,  are sitting around at lunch one day and realize that they are all struggling to pay their rent and bills. They decide that they may have better luck if they found a house for all of them and split the expenses.

 There is a slight clashing of personalities, as all of the women are completely different. Jo is head strong and sometimes stubborn and says the wrong things. Barbara (played by Ruth Hussy) is a little flirtatious and doesn't really behave the way a wife whose husband is at war should.  Doris (Kin Hunter) is the youngest and a newly wed. She has a very sweet, innocent quality to her.  Then there is Helen (Patricia Collinge) who is the oldest and mother figure. She has a husband and son in the war.

I don't want to give you too much of the plot because that's no fun. But I will say that the movie gives a really good look at what women were going through during the war.  They talk about rations and what its like to hold your breath whenever there is an unexpected knock on the door. Honey and I were also struck by the fact that the movie still resonates today. There are plenty of Army spouses out there who are going through the wait for the return of a loved one.

Its a cute little movie that I think is worth the watch if you can catch it. Unfortunately I have yet to find "Tender Comrade" on Netflix or Amazon. I was fortunate enough to catch it on TCM. Thank goodness I recorded it on our DVR. I think I'll keep it for as long as possible since it's so hard to find. UGH!!! I'm torn about not telling you the whole plot because I'm afraid you all may not find it!!!! But I don't want any spoilers just in case you find it!! UGH!!! I will say that there is a very bittersweet ending that I wasn't expecting. It made me cry!!

An interesting movie fact: Did you notice the title,,,"Tender COMRADE"???? Well, the HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) did! They thought that it was proof of screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo's, spreading of Communist ideas. He was ultimately blacklisted from the entertainment industry because of it!!

PLEASE try to find this movie. Especially all of my 1940s ladies!! You will love it!!! It's worth it for Ginger Rogers alone... sigh... I love her!!!!

By the way...Happy May Day to all!!!!!


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  1. I have not seen this movie yet, hopefully TCM will air it again! Love Ginger Rogers! My husbands grandmother was dating his grandfather when he was away during the war. I have 2 HUGE boxes of letters he wrote to her during this time, also letters from her two older brothers. It really gives a glimpse into what they were going through and missing home. I wish we had the letters that she had written to him, but they are gone. I had one of the envelopes enlarged to 12" by 18" for artwork on our living room wall.

    1. Oh my goodness! That's awesome!!! I wish I had things like that. That's the sweetest thing ever!

  2. What a fun movie, I haven't heard of it before.

  3. As I was typing this a big spider crashed near me...argghhh It just slipped into the couch and I'm not sure I want to go after it.

  4. I haven't had a chance to catch this one yet, but it definitely sounds like it would be my (vintage) cup of tea, too. (I know what you mean about thinking a movie is great for reasons other than the actual plot and/or acting - I do that with vintage flicks sometimes as well.)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I know you would enjoy this one! If they show it again I can hopefully warn you!

  5. I have not seen this movie, I have seen Ginger Rogers mostly in the dancing movies with Fred Astaire. Here in Italy we don't get all the American movies.


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