Friday, July 5, 2013

Mid Century Housewife Days 9 and 10: Breaking Schedules... Or how I've Been Failing Miserably...


I think I spoke too soon when I said in the last post that keeping the schedule has been easy for me.

Day 9 (Wednesday) was sooooo hard. I don't know whether it was the fact that Honey was off and home watching television or that I'm just getting lax in my schedule but... I had the WORST time staying on task.

That's just not me! I don't know what happened but before I knew it I found myself plastered in front of the television catching up on shows with Honey!! It's so hard to stay on task when she's off. I just want to be with her and snuggle. It seems that the schedule leaves no time for snuggling and spooning. Or perhaps its just supposed to come after dinner. During that time that says "enjoy a relaxing evening".

Around noon I realized what I was doing, freaked out and started cleaning like a mad woman! No matter how fast I cleaned, I couldn't make up the time lost! Having to stop and feed Honey lunch totally made sure of that. Sigh... On top of the cleaning I had to take time and wash my hair and have Honey trim it. Once again, breaking the mid century mold, but whatever. Hair is important and worth it.

Soooo, needless to say I had a major time management issue. Which means that it was time for dinner before I knew it... Actually is was way past dinner time. Like 9 o'clock.

I went to the Good Housekeeping cookbook and looked for something that I had ingredients for that could be made quickly. Nothing. So I decided to make for dinner what I had planned for the next day's lunch...are you ready for it (I don't think you are)?

Hash Cheeseburgers (I didn't take a pic of the recipe. It was on two consecutive pages in the book and was hard to photograph. I'm not sure you'll want this recipe anyway, but I'll give you the gist of it: Take a can on corned beef hash, mix it with chili sauce and sliced stuffed olives. Toast the english muffins. Spread the hash mixture over the muffins, place under the broiler until heated through. Place a slice of american cheese on top and put back under broiler to melt. Take out and garnish with parsley and stuffed olives. MMMMMMmmmm...)

Yes I know. It kind of sounds disgusting but hey... the point of all this is to be adventurous...right??

What you really want to know is, was it tasty, right?

Ummm... NOPE! With a capital N.O.P.E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've tried corned beef hash only one other time in my life and I thought it was the most vile thing ever. But Honey likes it in eggs so I decided to try it again. I have decided that it is even more vile than I remembered it.

Honey didn't even like it and she LIKES the stuff.

Maybe it was the chili sauce added to it. Or maybe it was the fact that you just spread it on an english muffin and heat it up...Or maybe it's the fact that corned beef hash looks AND tastes like something I could feed Givenchy. Maybe it was a combination of it all. But it was the WORST!!

So after tasting a few bites we both decided to just warm up the Frank Top Hatters from the night before.

Thank goodness we had left overs.

On to Day 10 (Thursday), otherwise know as Independence Day!!!!

Again, my schedule got totally thrown for a loop. I was able to get the daily cleaning done but it was supposed to be a "thorough clean" day and with having to get ready for the Liberty Belle Extravaganza, I had no time for that. So daily cleaning and dusting would have to do. I'll double up on the cleaning today.

I met up with Honey at her job and we were off to celebrate the 4th of July on the rooftop of the Hotel Empire.

The event was decent. I had such high hopes for it that I think I had too high of expectations.

During the day, it was really fun and the atmosphere was great. There was dancing and live bands and burlesque acts. The scenery was amazing, and the food and drinks were top notch!

I decided to wear my blue eyelet dress that I bought for Viva. I just added a red belt and flower.  I got a lot of compliments on it so I'm glad I didn't spend a million bucks on a new dress.

I should have taken a pic of Honey's whole outfit. We found this cute little 1940s looking blue blouse from Forever 21. She wore that and some highwaisted slacks. Super cute!

So what was not to like? Well, once the sun set the place got SUPER crowded. I mean, SUPER CROWDED. So crowded that it was really difficult to get any decent shots after sunset. We were all so close together. And there wasn't very much seating. I think they should really think of changing that for next year. I could understand if there was ample dance floor but even that was limited!!!!! Then in true NY fashion the champagne started flowing and people became ridiculous.  The place became a typical NY nightclub with flecks of vintage tucked in. Which was disappointing. Granted there were more music and dancing acts that were to perform but the atmosphere changed dramatically. Sidenote: People become so rude when they're intoxicated. All sense of civility goes out the window and they become silly and just... I don't know...annoying. I'm glad I don't drink to that point anymore. Not saying that I have never over indulged, but my 20s are DEFINITELY in my past thank goodness. Now if I drink too much at least I know to stop before I become too much unlike myself. I wish others knew to do the same.

We had a great time for about 3 hours up until the sun went down, then when things got too crazy we ended up leaving a little early. Around 10pm. Honey was exhausted from working all day and I was annoyed. We had plans to go to the Rockabilly Night Market here in Brooklyn, but when BOTH of our phones died I couldn't look up the address (we went last year and had a complete ball. It switched locations this year). So we just came home and had ice cream and wine. I guess it wasn't a bad way to end a weird day.

These last two days have been the hardest yet. Not because of the cleaning being difficult or  my not liking to cook or anything like that. Just because I was becoming so proud of being able to stay on time with everything. These days have thrown me for a huge loop. Totally makes me feel like a mini failure. I'm sure housewives around the world can relate. Or at least I hope they can. We don't even have a kid and I think it's hard. I couldn't imagine adding little ones. Although I hope to soon!!!!

Here's to today being a better more productive day than the last!!!


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  1. Hang in there, as with anything some days are just better than others!

  2. Oh sweetie! I so hear your pain! I like to stick to my list too but once the kiddies come into the picture you will adjust to just rolling with the punches as best as can. I shake my head everyday thinking how the heck women did it before gahhh w/o internet-geesh oh my! Keep your chin up-youre doing awesome!!! xox

  3. I thinkyou are doing a great job! Like Bunny said I don' t know how these women did it! I gotta give Honey and you snaps for trying out the mid century recipes. I love corn beef hash but I don' t think I could stomach it with chili sauce!!!!!!!

  4. You are doing so well, sweet gal - I'm sure even the most stringent and dedicated of homemakers in decades past had plenty of days that were a million miles off from the kind of schedule you're doing your best at trying to follow. Life doesn't fit into perfectly segmented time slots 24/7 around the clock, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm super proud of you and how hard you've worked throughout each of these adventurous days.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. You are doing such a good job. And you look gorgeous which is all part of it. You've got that down. Love the pic of Honey making a yuck face! Now I understand why my grandma ALWAYS had exactly one cocktail every evening at 5:00. She had earned it!

    1. Haha I love that pic too. Thats so awesome of your grandma! I guess the women needed their relaxation time too!

  6. I think I would have tried to go to this event if I wouldn't have been out of town but it sounds like I didn't miss much. I love swing bands so I was thinking this would be the ultimate event. But, I am with you, I don't like it to be too crowded. I want to see more pictures:) Your outfit is lovely:)))

  7. HA I literally laughed out loud at the photo of Honey and the food.

    What a fun event. You look so gorgeous in your blue dress.



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