Monday, July 15, 2013

Enoying a Little Picnic

Hey dolls!!

Whew!! This heat in NYC is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!! The weather is crazy this summer. Can you believe that we got rained out of Midsummer Night Swing!?!?! UGH!  So disappointed but I guess there's always next year. Now, today it's 95 degrees out! Thank goodness for air conditioning!!!! 

Well, Honey is off today so we're going to have a movie day! We're starting off with classics and are going to end with her all time favorite movie "Gangs of New York". Its not my favorite but it is a REALLY good movie worthy of movie night.

The first movie of today was one the I had never seen before so I wanted to share it with you all...

It's staring Kim Novak

and William Holden.

I heard that it's one of Kim Novaks first movies and is credited with making her the big star that she was in the 50s.

Picnic is about a drifter, Hal Carter (William Holden) who comes to a Kansas town on Labor Day to visit a wealthy  fraternity friend, Alan. When he gets there he has nothing and asks an old woman if he can you some yard work for her in exchange for food. While doing the work he meets  her neighbors: a young tomboy named Millie, her very pretty older sister Magde (Kim Novak) their mother and a school teacher who is boarding at their home, Rosemary (played by THE Rosalind Russell). Of course he falls for Madge immediately but soon learns that she is the girlfriend of Alan, the friend he is there to visit.

When he meets up with Alan he tells him of his troubles with money and Alan agrees to give him a job at the family grain company. Then he invites Hal to the town's annual Labor Day picnic. Hal agrees reluctantly and escorts young Millie to the picnic. Alan will of course escort Madge.

Everything goes well at the picnic. Hal and Millie have a blast, in a brother and sister kind of way (but of course Mille develops a crush). There are games and activities and Madge even wins the title of Queen Neeowollah (Halloween spelled backwards), the picnics Labor Day "queen". Everything is great until the end of the night dance when Madge and Hal start to dance together and romance ensues.  An under aged Millie gets jealous and gets drunk and an equally drunken Rosemary becomes jealous of the gorgeous Madge and starts an argument with Hal. Things get turned upside down and everyone but Madge thinks its Hal's fault, including his friend Alan. 

Things get worse and include Hal "stealing" Alan's car with Madge in it,  Hal and Madge declaring their love for one another and Hal going into hiding and having to leave the town. He asks Madge to go with him...Does she go? Well, hopefully you can find the movie and find out.

Its a great little summer movie. It's kind of dramatic in a corny way but I liked it. The girl who plays Millie reminded me of a young Audrey Hepburn a little. Both in her looks and mannerisms. Kim Novak looks AMAZING throughout the entire movie, of course.  William Holden, although super attractive looked a little old to be playing a recent college graduate. I was excited to see Rosalind Russell in the movie. I'm in love with all of her work! She was the best!

If you're looking for a good summer themed movie this is a good one! I can't wait until it's actually Labor Day! I'm thinking of having an end of the summer party and...its that much closer to FALL!!!

Stay cool!!!


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  1. That's wonderful - a good movie day is a must every now and then in our house, too. Tony and I both really enjoyed Gangs of New York, too - but one certainly has to have a stomach for violence to watch it. Have you gals seen the TV show Copper? It has a distinct GONY vibe and is one of the best period shows on these days, IMO (it's in its second season now).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. We have Copper on the dvr but have yet to watch it. Definitely going to watch it this week.

  2. I love Gangs Of New York! Fabulous movie! Hope you ladies have a wonderful day!

  3. Omg you know you are killing me with not sharing the ending!! Ahhhhh! I adding it to my queue! hehe I love Holden and Novak and Russell is beyond super amazing! Sounds like a perfect day spent together! Love those days!! xox

  4. Oh, I LOVE Picnic. The CLOTHES are just amazing and Kim Novak is just wonderful.

  5. The clothes in this movie are so good. It's a nice little movie but not necessarily uplifting. And Rosalind Russell is amazing, as always.

    Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe

  6. Love this movie! If you want to see more of Kim Novak, The Eddie Duchin Story and Bell, Book, Candle are tow other excellent Kim Novak films.


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