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Viva Las Vegas Roundup PART 2!! Saturday and Sunday!!

And here is the second (and last...until next year) part to our Viva Las Vegas adventure. There are a lot more photos so I'll spare you lengthy text were possible.  Brace yourself... Have a cup of tea or a snack... Its a long one...


Where did I leave off?

Ahhh...Saturday... Car Show Day!!!!

Here is the outfit for that day.

It's not vintage but it was SUPER hot out and (I don't know if it's from being a dancer or having a high metabolism or what but...) I'm a sweaty girl. I've had issues with sweaty hands  for as long as I can remember. I thought that repro would be better than risking gross perspiration stains on my pretty vintage things. So I went with a pin up look instead. I liked it. The dress was light weight and a little short. I was comfortable and most importantly, dry!

Here is Honey's look for the day. She doesn't really dress vintage OR rockabilly but she was getting compliments on her look the whole trip!!

So, the car show was much more interesting than I thought it would be. I mean, I LOVE vintage cars, but I wasn't sure what to expect. There were tons of cars to take a gander at as well as loads of vendors selling all kinds of things!

This is when I ran into Technicolor Cutie!!! I recognized her right away! She was wearing the cutest Snow White skirt!! I always love her clothes! How adorable is she?

After some walking and A LOT of lemonade it was time to find a spot where it would be easy to see LITTLE RICHARD!!!! We opted for the bleachers. I loathe standing in crowds especially since it was 85 degrees out. I guess I picked the perfect spot because my Facebook friend, Jasmine, was able to easily find us in all the hullabaloo! I adore Jasmine. She's the sweetest thing ever. Don't let the sweet face fool you. She can be feisty when need be!!

Once sunset rolled around the place got PACKED and I was glad we went for bleacher seating! was time... LITTLE RICHARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (crowd going wild!!!)

He was brought out in a wheel chair, and his voice was a little weak (after all he IS in his 80s), but the songs are still great. We were swaying and head bopping the entire set. To be in the presence of the history of this man was enough for me!

After the performance we headed back to the hotel for a quick dinner, and wardrobe change.

I didn't get a photo of the dress I wore but it was a haltered, full skirt dress. Definitely good for dancing...although we didn't. Honey got sick (a combination of the body heat and too many cocktails) at the end of Si Cranstoun's set so we left around 1:30 am. But... here at least is the hair and makeup.

SUNDAY: The pool party and LAST DAY...  :(

If you've been following the blog you know that I became obsessed with a 1950s Abercrombie and Fitch swimsuit. When I got it in my clutches I was the happiest, newbie vintage girl EVERRRR!!!
So here it is!!

HOW CUTE IS IT!!! It's such a great style I'm convinced it would look good on anyone!

The pool party was one of my favorite parts to the weekender. It really was like stepping back in time. Everyone had on their best vintage (or retro) swimwear. There was great hair and accessories. There was sun. There was water... It was great!!! The weather was perfect. It was windy, warm enough to show off your suit but not so hot that you were sweating... PERFECT!

As soon as Honey and I made it poolside I was approached by BEAUTIFUL pinup models Angelique Noire and Ashleeta to take a photo with them!!! I was stoked but terrified. What regular person WANTS to take pictures with actual models???? But I think it came out pretty good!

 Here I am again with the lovely Technicolor Cutie!

The pool area was packed! Luckily we ran into Wendi's (Haute Rockabilly Fashionista) friend Teresa who rescued us and swept us away to their corner of the pool party!!

How cute is HRF??? LOVED her bating suit!

Here is a super cute video of HRF and her friend jiving at the pool party!! I LOVE this video!

Here is Honey in the water!

And the beautiful ladies from the swimsuit competition...


After the pool party it was time to change into evening clothes for the last events of the weekender. The Jive Competition and Nikki Hill (there were more bands but this is all we had energy for)

The dresses...

I was SOOOOO excited when we walked into The Orleans and saw my Facebook friend April!! I had been looking for her ALLLLLLL weekend!!!

I can't say enough amazing things about this girl! She's fabulous. She's one of the first people I "met" when I decided I wanted to slowly get into vintage styling. She's been nothing but supportive and helpful and I love her like we've known each other for years (even though this was our first in- person meeting)! She has some terrific Youtube tutorials for hair and makeup!

I don't have any photos from the jive competition but I DO have a little video!!!

 This was the final 3 couples. The blonde in the black and white skirt and her partner in the T-shirt won... And guess what... They're from NYC!!!! I see them whenever we go to Rebel Night here, which is a once monthly Rockabilly night in NYC.

Then it was NIKKI HILL time!! Oh MY GOODNESS did she ROCK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven't heard her stuff RUN and check out her web page!! You won't regret it!!!

We ended the night with a nice dinner with Wendi. I really got to know her well and I sooo glad I did! I love the friends I've made so far on this venture. I really am grateful that I found out about the vintage/rockabilly scene. I've met nothing but kind people, and that's not something that happens everyday!!!

We really did have fun on our vacation. I have heard some veteran Viva goers saying that they didn't like it this year and that it wasn't the same as years past. That may be true but for me it was great. But really, Honey and I are glass- half- full kind of people and can have fun if you gave us a paper bag and a rubber band!!!!!!

It was definitely a successful first Viva. And certainly not my last! We already have plans to return next year. This time we're taking friends!!!!

Loads of hugs to you all!!!!
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  1. Oh. My. Goddess! You two look gorgeous .... And FIERCE! Rawr! And all those other gals and outfits and cars! *faint*

    1. (blushing) Thanks Hun!!!!!!!!! You would have loved it!!!!!

  2. The suit looks fabulous on you!

  3. You two look fabulous the entire weekend! It looks like loads fun and a great way to meet new people.

    Here's hoping I get to make it next year.

  4. You both look show-stoppingly sensational! Loved every last one of your awesomely fun Viva pics, they really helped make this arm chair traveler feel like I was there, too.

    Big hugs!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Aww, I loved hearing your tale of fun in Vegas. Your swimsuit is just perfect for you. It's like it was waiting 60 years to find it's perfect partner:) Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time.

  6. So cute...I love the swimsuits =)

    With Love
    Miss Lil'Susie*

  7. So many great outfits - and your Honey may not be a rockabilly at heart, but she is so striking, that I am not surprised she got loads of compliments. You two make a very cute couple! :) Wish I would have seen you ladies at the pool party! It's crazy how Viva just flies by in a whirlwind!

  8. You were at Viva?! I didnt see you there! Gah!

  9. You ladies make such a lovely couple! And that swimsuit is adorable! I couldn't agree more about Nikki Hill. She was amazing! I keep listening to her album and am loving it!

  10. Oh my word, that bathing suit is AMAZING! It looks perfect on you. I have yet to make it to VLV, so I am hoping next year is my year.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  11. You're killing me with that red polka dot dress. Stunning fit. Stunning shape. Just stunning! I'm stunned!! I am overwhelmed by all the perfect vintage fashion. This is definitely a culture we lack in boring Australia. It all looks like so much fun :D

    1. Awww... Thanks hun!!!! I love the vintage scene out west. Too bad it's not as big and fab on the east coast!

  12. Love the bathing suit, love the blog, and you totally hold your own with the pin-up models!

  13. What a great post! You and your honey looked fantastic all weekend! I'm definitely going to try to go next year. It looks like way touch fun to miss out on! Little Richard??? Whooooo!!!

  14. Wow! I am loving everyone's outfits in this post! I especially love your red and white polka dotted dress. You and your friends look fab and it looks like a great time!

  15. I'm so excited you got a little video snippet of the pool party dancing.

    Is it VLV 18 yet?


  16. OMG-how the heck did I miss these posts!! Gahhhhhhhh you two look amazing and it looks like you had a blast! I must put it on my trip list!!! xox

    1. HAHAHAHA! BUNNNYY!!! I didn't know you missed these!! Tooo funny! Yes! You must go!!! It's a total blast!


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