Saturday, February 23, 2013

And the Academy Award Goes to... CLASSIC FILMS!!!

Ok...Since its Oscar weekend I've wanted to give you guys an Oscar related post!!
Here are some of my favorite Oscar winning movies and actors!

1. GONE WITH THE WIND (1939) - GWTW won the Oscar for "Best Picture" in 1939. The epic tale of Scarlett and Rhett made a sweep of the awards that year by winning 8 awards that night, including "Best Actress" Vivien Leigh and "Best Supporting Actress", Hattie McDaniel (and as EVERYONE knows Hattie McDaniel was the first black woman to ever win an Academy Award)

This is my ALL TIME favorite movie (I know I say this about a lot of things but this is really true. I read the book in 6th GRADE!!! I also read "Scarlett" which was the not so great sequel in 7th grade!)

2. CASABLANCA (1942) - This WWII movie won the Oscar for best movie in 1943, even though it is considered a 1942 movie. What kind of Academy Awards post would I have if I didn't include Casablanca?!?!?! The movie centers around Rick Blaine (played by Humphrey Bogart, SWOON), a cynical nightclub owner in Casablanca and his ex- lover Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman). 

It’s been said that "Casablanca" is one of the best movies ever made! And it’s a great one! The dialogue is fabulous and who doesn't love to see Bogart and Bergman together?!?!

3. JOAN CRAWFORD in "Mildred Pierce" (1945) - Joan Crawford ROCKED in this movie and won "Best Actress" for it.  In the film Crawford plays Mildred Pierce, a single mother trying to win the love and affection of her very spoiled, very ungrateful daughter, Veda (played by Ann Blyth). UGH! This movie is so frustrating! I just want to tell Mildred to put her big girl undies on and tell her daughter who's boss!!!! But alas... she never really does and it doesn't end well at all... 

4. ALL ABOUT EVE (1950) - This "Best Picture" winner is a perfect movie. It has deception, betrayal and Bette Davis! What more could you ask for. In the movie Bette Davis plays Margo Channing, a beloved but aging film star. Margo takes an emerging actress, Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter) under her wing. Needless to say that all sorts of craziness ensues as Eve makes her way into Margo's circle and takes over little by little. Pretty soon Margo is a has-been and Eve is the rising star!!!  Terrible in the most delicious way ever!!

Side note: The quote, "Fasten your seatbelts; it's going to be a bumpy ride.” comes from this movie!! Perfect quote!

5. VIVIEN LEIGH in "A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) - Vivien Leigh won "Best Actress" for her work in this movie and did she deserve it!!! I absolutely LOVE Vivien Leigh in a southern accent! Nothing is better! The movie, based on the Tennessee Williams play is fantastic. Vivien stars as the eccentric southern belle, Blanche Dubois, who comes back to New Orleans to stay with her sister Stella Kowalski (Kim Hunter). Stella's husband, Stanley (Marlon Brando) is not very welcoming of his wife's sister's visit and makes it known through the movie. As the film wears on Blanche’s already unstable mental state completely unravels as the truth about why she's come to New Orleans is revealed. To top it off, and put her completely over the edge, Blanch has an unpleasant encounter with Stanley and is destroyed because of it. It’s a sad, yet thrilling movie. Kim Hunter also won "Best Supporting Actress" as her role as Leigh's sister.

And last but CERTAINLY not least

6. AUDREY HEPBURN in Roman Holiday (1953) - In this film Hepburn (SWOON) plays a princess (Princess Ann) who becomes bored with palace life and "runs away" for a spell. While she's out, a sleeping pill that she took earlier takes effect and she falls asleep on a public bench! She is found by a news reporter, Joe Bradley, played by Gregory Peck (double SWOON) and he takes her to his place to sleep off the pill. When he realizes who she is he promises his editor an exclusive interview with her. He takes her around town, not letting on that he knows who she is and of course... they fall in love! But alas it cannot be because she is a princess...

This is Audrey's first starring role and she sparkles in it!! She's so beautiful and youthful and full of life!!! sigh... LOVE HER!!!

 So there you have it! My Oscar picks!!! What are your favorite Academy Award winning classic films?

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  1. Ha I just watched Roman Holiday again today. Oh how I love that movie. Audry & Gregory were both so brilliant.

    I haven't seen Mildred Pierce but feel like I should now.

    Great post.


    1. Go watch Mildred Pierce ASAP! You won't reget it!!!

  2. What a great selection of classics! My favorites are "Rebecca" with Joan Fontaine and "Summertime " with gorgeous Katherine Hepburn. And such fabulous clothes!

  3. I have the old and new Mildred Pierce movies. They are on my to watch list. You know "Melanie" from Gone With The Wind (Olivia de Havilland) is still alive. I've seen some of her interviews and she has such a kind voice. I'd have to say Gone With The Wind would also be one of my favorites too.

  4. I'm so glad you included "All about Eve". Ann Baxter is one of my style icons. I actually did a multi page dissertation about the film for one of my classes in college. We had to pick a decade and I picked the 50's. I also did a paper on the opening day at Disneyland, which my mom was in attendance at!

  5. Wonderful picks! I could watch anyone of these classic a hundred times and never tire of them.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Ah, I love this! I can watch All About Eve a million times and still fall in love with it.

    P.s. I nominated you for a blog award! Go take a look :)

  7. Great selection. These movies are great, especially Roman Holiday. Mmm.. Gregory Peck. ;)

  8. YAY! Glad you guys liked my picks! These are movies I've seen a million times and could watch a million more!!

  9. I loved these, and also Rear Window.


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