Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Even though it's still the dead of winter, I have swimsuits on the brain! Mainly because of Viva coming up. Not to mention yesterday was a warmer than normal winter day here in the Northeast (It's back to being ridiculously cold today). So with that I decided to do a post on potential swimsuits and styles for Viva.

Now... I haven't bought a swimsuit in years. I'm not a big swimmer. I mean I CAN swim. It's just that I swim only because I'm from the south and you HAVE to know how to swim when you're from the south. But I HATE swimming. Ok, hate is a strong word. Let's just say I don't find it as fun as everyone else seems to. I don't know why... I guess that comes with my love of cooler weather.

Although I'm not a big chlorine fan I do love to look at swimsuits. Especially vintage or vintage reproduction ones. They are the cutest!! And since Honey LOVES the water and we plan on hitting the pool party at Viva at least once, here are some cute ones that I like.

LOVE these vintage 1950s suits... both are from Etsy. For suit 1 I love the color! The edging of the suit is adorable. I am kind of looking for something more like shorts because I'm slighty thigh heavy. Luckily most 1950s swimsuits are forgiving in areas like the thighs and bust. In suit 2 I love gingham. I have a summer skirt in exactly the same gingham and wore it all summer. I like how the top looks like it fits like a leotard but the bust looks like it definitely won't fit my smaller bust. But I'll keep looking for a style of suit like this one.


My next dilemma is whether to go vintage or vintage reproduction.

But... I'm not sure if I maybe want to go reproduction. They are slightly less expensive which is great. The downfall is that they are not one of a kind and at an event like VLV there is a chance someone will be wearing the same suit. I don't want that at all. Anyway,  this one is from from Vintage Suits by Mary. Did I mention that I LOOVVEE gingham (and pink ). But with my being so small busted the halter top stresses me out! If I get a halter I would need to try it on first... The shorts are perfect for me though.

What I really, really want is a really cute playsuit. Preferably a vintage on. Or I would love to get one made from a vintage pattern. I love these patterns from Etsy. SUPER CUTE. The green one in pic 3 makes me alllll kinds of excited!!!

The suit in pic 4 (the one with the girl sitting) is really my dream suit! I even kind of like the color. I'm not sure I like green on me though so maybe chance that to a blue or even a red would be super fun and sexy!

I need to make some time to look at more and figure out a clothing budget. I feel like there is a lot that I need to get. It's a little overwhelming because this is not like packing for a normal trip. I just want to make sure I have everything. I don't want to feel like a frumpy little girl compared to all the wonderfully dressed women I've seen in everyone's VLV pics.

So that's it for now. There are  more VLV countdown posts where this came from!! They'll be coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Until next time lovies!!

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  1. Why not get one of each-one vintage and one repro. With you figure esp you should be able to find loads in your size which is amazing! I love the first one! Can this winter be over please?? hehe xox

    1. I acutally like cool weather so I'm not complaining too much yet! But By Feb. I'll be done with it too!!

  2. Repro if you are getting in the pool! Vintage if you are just going to sunbath and hang out.


    1. That's actually a perfect solution. You would think that I would have thought of that myself, right!!! HAHA! I don't think I plan on getting in the water so I guess vintage would be appropriate!

  3. These swimsuit are so delightfully cute! I've had swimwear on the mind lately, too, as I'm attempting to find (it doesn't have to be now - just at any point in time) a specific 1940s Canadian themed bathing suit that I've only ever seen in one ad. Wild goose hunt, I know! :)

    I wish you tons of success in finding a great suit or two for VLV - be sure to let me know if I can possibly be of help to you in your hunt.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks so much for offering to help! I just may take you up on that.

  4. i love vintage-looking swimsuits! i've got one similar to the pink gingham one, only it's red! all these suits are so pretty. x


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