Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pin Curl Point of View

Today's topic... PIN CURL SETS!!! Can I tell you that I may be the only person who enjoys practicing pin curls. I feel all girly and old school when I'm sitting there doing them.  Listening to a little Lena Horne or Ella Fitzgerald helps the process speed along.

I can't claim to be an expert on the subject but I thought I could show you my learning process. And maybe seeing my trial and error will help tell what to do...And what NOT to do!!  There's a million pin curl tutorials out there. Most of them pretty good so I won't get into the process but if you need one check out Lisa Freemont Street on youtube. She has a really good one. It's the one I learned from.

Here's what I've learned of pin curls so far:
1. It takes A LOT of patience. Of which I don't have most of the time.

2. African American girls (most anyway) should NOT try this on extremely damp hair. It just turns into frizz. I learned that the hard way. The best way for me to do it is to wash my hair and let it air dry (I have to flat iron it because my hair turns into an afro if I don't. An afro is cute but not the 40s, 50s look I'm going for) then, as I'm sectioning to put it into pin curls, spray each section lightly with setting lotion then pin curl as normal. A hair moisturizer on the tips of the hair before the setting lotion helps too. Since my hair is chemically relaxed it takes and beating and can be super dry which makes for an unfinished looking style when its all said and done. The process I just explained would probably only work for African American hair or a texture like it. All hair types use a different process. NOTE: If you are African American and do want to try a wet set you MUST use a hooded dryer. Its the only way you have a chance of the set coming out as planned. A hooded dryer works for every hair type if you have an hour to sit there.

3. They take A LOT of brushing!! Which is where the patience comes into play. The initial brush out looks HORRIBLE and can be scary and upsetting. But keep brushing!!!! It will eventually turn into something pretty.

4. I've watched plenty of videos from Lisa Freemont Street. I'm sure many of you know her but if not go check out her page and youtube videos. Her tutorials are LIFESAVERS!!! I wish I had her knack for hair and makeup. Anyway, I digress. She says to brush out your set against the palm of your hand to get rid of the frizz and it totally works. It helps me get whatever shape I'm going for too.

5. The most important thing is DON'T GIVE UP!!! Persistence is key. If a set doesn't work then a cute snood or a curly up do with a flower or hair combs works wonders.

So this is what I did. 

I used
-Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion
-A Paddle brush
-pin curl clips, you can also use hair pins but I can never find enough of them when I need them. Sneaky little suckers.

So this is the the setting pattern

 Did two rows of 4 curls at the top of my head. Basically where my bangs used to be. Then I just did pin curls around my entire head leaving the top flat.

Here is the finished brush out

Finish it off with a little pomade for a little shine.

YAY! Not perfect but not bad for someone who started styling her own hair only about 5 months ago!!!




  1. You did an awesome job! I am STILL trying to master my hair LOL You look like a 1950's girl! xox

  2. THANKS!!!!!!! I don't have much time to practice and teaching ballet doesn't let me wear pretty styles like I want to so I had to take advantage of my last off day. And the 50s are my fave so I try to keep everything along those lines. At least for now.


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