Saturday, January 5, 2013

VEGAS HERE WE COME!!! Viva Las Vegas Countdown: 11 Weeks! EEK!!

Yay! So Honey and I have decided to go to Viva Las Vegas this March! SUPER EXCITED!! Not only is it our first time at Viva, its our first time in Vegas...PERIOD! We're Viva and Vegas virgins!!!

So I've decided to make a COUNTDOWN TO VIVA. Yes, its a little early but trips always take so much planning that starting early can't hurt.

I think I want to start with the type of clothes I WANT to take to Viva. I have a big wishlist of items. So big that it is a little overwhelming to put it into pictures so this will probably be a 2 parter!

Since this will be our first Viva AND our first Vegas trip I'm not EXACTLY sure how to dress so if anyone has tips feel free to help out!

So for some of my daytime looks I was thinking something like:

I love the jeans from Freddies of Pinewood. I need a pair ASAP! Or maybe these!!

How cute is this little halter!!!

Cute skirt

For evening looks I totally dig these

I think this one would be good to dance in. I need to look up more dresses for dancing. Honey and I just started swing classes so I plan on dancing as much as I can!!

And look at this beauty  from Whirling Turban (below). GAAHHH!!! Can you see why I'm obsessed?!?!?!?

So these are my dress ideas. Just ideas. We'll see what my budget actually allows for.  My next few posts will be my fantasy swimsuits, shoes and hair. I also need to find something cute for the car show. Can't believe I'm going to see LITTLE RICHARD!! That is secretly what I'm looking forward to the most! He's always a good time. I also can't wait to see Si Cranstoun live. LOVE him!! Maybe I'll do another post with links to the different bands. I'm a little new to most of them so it will be a learning experience for me too!!

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  1. I love VLV! So excited for you that you will be going. You are going to have such a lovely time.


    1. Thanks! I'm excited too!! I'm not really sure what to expect though but I guess that's half the fun!

  2. I used to live in Vegas and I remember when the Orleans was first built. I sure would love to back. Maybe next year:) I hope you have a lot of fun and share your experiences!

    1. I will definitely be taking lots of pictures and let you know how it goes!!!


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