Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Vintage look at Southern California...Halloween edition!

So Excited!!!

It finally feels like fall here!!! Well at least for the next couple of days. But I'll take it!! That means spending the day drinking coffee, eating cake and watching horror movies!

Today, I was also missing NYC just a little bit. The cloudy, chilly, fall like weather made me think of the east coast and it's pumpkin patches, corn mazes and haunted hayrides. To fight off the homesickies I started looking up some photos of Los Angeles during the Halloween season. I have heard that Halloween is a REALLY big thing out here so that makes me happy!

I came up with some cuties and thought I would share them on the blog!!!

Here are some of my favorites..

Beauty contestants from the Halloween Slick Chick contest in Anaheim in 1947

One from the famous Anaheim Halloween parade in 1950

Los Angeles children celebrating Halloween in 1961

Another one from the Anaheim Halloween parade

This one is weird because apparently... In Pasadena...They had a tradition of burning witches...Not real ones of course...but store bought or handmade ones... Not sure how true that is but I read a couple of articles that said it was so...If so...ummmmm... ewwwww...

The picture search was successful at making me feel a little better. Although, things are slowly starting to feel normal here The wife and I ( I've made the decision to stop calling her Honey...She's now on the internet too because of her makeup career so...) are both working and settling in. It's starting to feel like we are starting a new life instead of just being on an extended vacay. Which is what it felt like allllll summer!!!

Can't wait to see what October brings!!! Hopefully at least slightly cooler weather!!!!

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  1. Fantastic photo finds! I just realized something interesting when looking at all the youngsters in their festive attire here: I tend to feel like the costumes of my own (80s/90s) youth were, by and large, closer in general style to these than those of kids today. Many were homemade, mask were still quite common, and no one teased you if you hadn't spent a small fortune on your attire. Simpler time, simpler times. :)

    Have an awesome October and countdown to All Hallows' Eve!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. These are great! I love the little girl dresses as a flamenco dancer! She has the perfect pose lol.
    I have a deep love of homemade costumes, mine all were when I was little. I still put together my own costumes, it's way more fun that way!


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