Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday Movie Night! (and a little Highschool Hell Cats!)

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages, but it really hasn't been more than 4 days!!! The past few days have been so busy for me that it seems like last week was a really long week! I've been anxious to do a post but couldn't find the time at all this weekend. One of the dance studios I teach at had their annual fundraising gala Saturday so I was busy with that all day Saturday. Sunday all I could do was veg out in front of the television with Honey. So that's what I did and that also leads me into my post...!!!

Sunday Movie Day!

I had the chance to finally show Honey "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn". I loved this movie as a kid.

The movie centers around the poverty stricken Nolan family in circa 1900 Willamsburg, Brooklyn. Francie Nolan, the eldest child, is a young girl with a wide imagination and big dreams. She adores her father, Johnny Nolan, who is a man with a great heart but who is not so great at finding and keeping a job. The mother, Katie Nolan, is a good woman whose heart has been hardened by poverty and broken promises by her husband. The son Neely Nolan, is the typical little brother, always looking to have fun and hates school.

The film is about the struggles the family has, especially Francie, who is looking for a way to express herself and who is very smart and knows that there is a world outside of their little Brooklyn flat. Its a great movie to watch with the family. I usually watch it more near the holidays but I was itching for Honey to see it. I haven't read the novel the film is based on but I intend to.

Another movie I wanted to show Honey but we ran out of time (stupid time moving forward threw me off!) was "Highschool Hellcats". OH MY GOODNESS! This movie is my guilty pleasure. I don't even think the movie is that great but I adore the campy-ness of it! The movie gives you the feel of "Mean Girls" gone 1950s. Its supposedly third in a series of exploitation films centered around juvenile delinquency. I guess adults in the 50s felt that they were losing control of the youth, what with their Rock and Roll and pointy breasts and all.  There is a lot of cigarette smoking, pencil skirts and bullet bras. Its the BEST!

It's the story of Joyce, a girl who moves to a new town. She falls in with the bad girls of the school. Which in order to be accepted in a teen angsty 50s movie you just HAD to do right?! Joyce is invited to a make-out party where the leader of the group is killed! Joyce is dragged into the investigation and the killer is revealed... Who was it?? Well you have to watch the movie to find out. I saw the movie while it was streaming on Netflix. It should still be there. If it is check it out!

So that was my Sunday!!! Hope yours was as relaxing as mine!!!


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  1. This past week felt oddly long for me as well (even though, much as it sounds contradictory, this whole year has seemed like it's whizzed past at the speed of light for the most part) - perhaps part of that comes from the fact that we're battling through these last long days of winter before spring finally (gloriously!) returns.

    It sounds like you a lovely, relaxing, recharge-your-batteries kind of Sunday. That's wonderful!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Both are on my queue-cannot wait to watch them!!! xox

  3. Thank you so much for letting us know about High School Hellcats. Never heard of it but this is the stuff I just eat up. I think youth and gang culture of the 50s is fascinating. Gonna watch it tomorrow!


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