Sunday, March 3, 2013

1950s Teddy Girls

I first became acquainted with Teddy Girls (also known as Judies) a couple of years ago during one of my random internet searches. I think I was looking up something makeup/style related for Honey and came across photos of the teenaged girls from the 50s. Their look totally appealed not only to my vintage side but to the side of me that loves edgy fashion.

Teddy Girls were the female counterpart to the more well known Teddy Boys that were first established in London in the late 40s and throughout the 50's. They were working class teenagers who were looking to rebel a little and did so through their dress. Like all teenagers before and since, they were looking to separate themselves from their parents. They did this by adopting a Neo- Edwardian style of dressing. There were a lot of drape jackets, "stovepipe" trousers and waistcoats for the fellas. The girls joined in with the drape jackets, pencil skirts and flats. Most had what was considered a masculine haircut. Its also said that Teddy Girls always carried a closed umbrella with them. Even though they never opened it when it rained.

Unfortunately there is very little information out there on Teddy Girls. Most of the information you will find will be on their male counterparts. But I am drawn to these young ladies for some reason. You can tell that there is a story behind the girls in the photos. They are beautiful and even a little Gothic. Honey is going to lean towards more of a Teddy Boy/Girl look for Viva and I'm totally all for it! These kids had a great look.

These photos from the Ken Russell project "The Last Of the Teddy Girls". They are very haunting photos that I totally adore. If you haven't seen them before...enjoy! If you have... enjoy them all over again!!!

How great are these girls?! Totally kick ass and I love everything about it!

If you are interested here is website with a lot of great information and pics of Teddy Boys (like the fact that they made those Creeper shoes popular!!). They have a little information on the girls but it really will require a lot of Googling. And you will more than likely find the same pics I've posted. Here is a really good article that I did find.  If anyone comes across or knows anymore about Teddy Girls please share it with me!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great collection of pics! I see a lot of style influences I can identify with for sure.

    PS: finally posted my Liebster answers!


  2. Loved looking at these old photographs. So interesting about "teddy girls". It would be interesting to see a "where are they now?" post about them.

  3. These girls look awesome! It's a great alternative to the American 50s gals, and I always look for vintage girls in pants inspiration. Hope you guys have fun at Viva--so jealous!!!


  4. such a great post. these girls look totally great! VERY INSPIRING!


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